• RE: Initialization of ADF4360-5

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  • Ev-ADF4360-1EB1Z L1,L2

    I bought the Ev-ADF4360-1EB1Z. When I look at the board, L1, L2, R25 and R26 are all not mounted.
    Is this correct?

  • About ADF4360-x Software V4.1.4


    I am using this software to use the evaluation board EVAL-ADF4360.

    The register value was calculated in advance under the following conditions.

    RF Output Freq = 272.275 MHz

    PFD Freq = 25 kHz

    N counter = 10891

    N = P * B + A ---> B: 1361 A: 3 (P…

  • EV-ADF4360-7EB1Z gerber file

    I want to  transfer gerber file of EV-ADF4360-7EB1Z to pcb file in altium designer ,and I want to know if ADI could provide specific description of layer. for example, when I import the gerber file ,the layer sm0428 smd004022 smd004022 were defined MASK…

  • ADF4360-9 performance

      What are the main differences between the EV-ADF4360-8EB1Z and EV-ADF4360-9EB1Z boards? 

      What is the difference between its stability and jitter?

  • LTC4089-5 operational state diagram

    Hello. Testing the LTC4089-5 some questions have arised related to timer. The timer period is defined by external resistor and capacitor. But the algorithm also uses half and quarter periods.
    We can monitor the impulses on CHRG pin (#8) with a width of…

  • ADF4360, ADCLK854, Thermal Resistance Values Needed


    I am interested in the thermal resistances of the following parts. Specifically I am interested in the junction-to-case and junction-to-board thermal resistances. 





    Sadab Bahar

  • AD7366-5 SPI problems

    We receive unexpected results from SPI line. Please could you send us a
    report/confirmation with the same settings that the part works correctly? More
    details in the PDF file.

    - 4 Channel ADC
    - 12 Bit ADC
    - Interface SPI
    - Analog Input Range…

  • 5"-7" LCD TFT screens


    I want to drive 5"-7" LCD TFT screens. Do you have a suitable integration where I can do this? What do you think I should use? I will do mass production. I am waiting for your good integrated suggestions to avoid stock shortages and get quick results…