• ADF4360-4 not in Lock


    i got a problem with my ADF4360-4. The Phase-Locked Loop dosen't go in lock. You can see it on the picture. Yes, I know it's not the best quality, but I hope the most importend things are visible.

    The PLL should work by a Frequency of…

  • ADF4360-4

    What effect does noise on the Vvco line have on the PLL output.  Do we have a spec, similar to PSRR?



  • ADF4360 SPI Configuration question - 4 SPI writes required vs. 3?

    I received this customer question:

    I have a question regarding the ADF9360-X series PLLs.  In the datasheet for these devices It is stated that three bytes should be sent via SPI to configure the different registers on the device. When I send three bytes…

  • RE: EV-ADF4360-7EB1Z gerber file


    Layers are as given below:

    -art1, art2, art3 and art4 are the top, second, third and bottom copper layers, respectively

    -dd124 is drill drawing

    -sm0121 is top soldermask

    -sm0428 is bottom soldermask

    -sm004022 is bottom pastemask

    -smd0123 is top p…

  • ADF4360 Level Stability

    How stable are the VCO output levels over temp. for the ADF4360-8 and the ADF4360-4?

  • RE: About ADF4360-x Software V4.1.4

    Hi kudret

    Thank you for your reply !

    I want to use a ADF4360-7 device.Reference frequency is 12 MHz.

    Looking at the EZ again,the latest software version of the ADF4360-7 EVA board was 4.3.0.


  • Adf4360-0

    First of all thank you very much for your excellent forum, I'm doing a  Design of an Economical Antenna-Gain and Radiation-Pattern Measurement System, for that I dispose of a adf4360 and AD8302 detector, my problem is with adf4360 when checking the…

  • ADF4360


    first of all : excellent forum, nearly all of my questions solved by reading some posts. Good search function.

    Now the situation and question:



    In our design we need a receiver LO frequency around 1100 MHz. Phase noise requirements are nearly…

  • ADF4360-9

    How do we come to know that whether the synthesiser ADf4360-9 has been programmed properly or not...

  • ADF4360-0

    I am a student I have a project am using ADF4360-0 module as frequency synthesizer, I have finished my PCB, now am in the programming stage ,I have some problem regarding programming, First of all I am using VCXO as reference frequency (20MHz) I want…