• how to control ADF4360-3 by  NI myRIO


    I want to contol ADF4360-3 using NI myRIO (datasheet)


    I have the eavluation board  EV-ADF4360-3EB1Z  for this Integrated Integer-N Synthesizer and VCO.

    can any one help me in this regard...


  • ADF4360-3

    Does anyone know of a way to adjust the frequency of the ADF4360-3 independent of the adjusting the reference, or the counter registers.  Perhaps some topology that allows a small adjustment Vtune.  The requirement is +/-2kHz or so.

  • Dynamically linked Shared Object Libraries (*.so) For Evaluation board of ADF4360-3

    I have the evaluation board of ADF4360-3. 

    I want to access it using myRIO from National Instruments (NI). This device is Running Linux Real Time OS... If I have the .so library for this device i can access the device using Labview and MyRIO.

    this is…

  • ADF4360-3 eval board register values

    I have used ADI PLL Sim to generate a design for a 900 MHz CW local oscillator using an ADF4360-3. Currently I'm trying to work out how to program into the ADF4360-3 eval board based on the simulation file results. What should the RF output frequency…

  • ADF4360-3 leakage into AD8349 inputs

    I'm observing LO leakage into the inputs (pins 1 & 2 and 15 & 16) of an AD8349 modulator in a direct conversion transmitter (tuned to 942.8 MHz).  The analog inputs to the modulator originate from an AD9763 DAC with a low-pass anti-aliasing…

  • ADF4360-3 lost lock after PA turns on


    I am working on a design with the ADF4360-3 driving a 10W power amplifier through a lattice balun at 900MHz. I have configured the registers to output ~900MHz and the loop locks when the PA is not powered. Spectrum analyzer confirms the correct…

  • ADF4360 SPI Configuration question - 4 SPI writes required vs. 3?

    I received this customer question:

    I have a question regarding the ADF9360-X series PLLs.  In the datasheet for these devices It is stated that three bytes should be sent via SPI to configure the different registers on the device. When I send three bytes…

  • ADF4360


    first of all : excellent forum, nearly all of my questions solved by reading some posts. Good search function.

    Now the situation and question:



    In our design we need a receiver LO frequency around 1100 MHz. Phase noise requirements are nearly…

  • Dynamically Shared Object (*.so) for evaluation board  EVAL-ADF4360-3EBZ1 

    Ihave the evaluation board for ADF4360-3 ..

    i am trying it to control using myRIO and LabVIEW from national instruments (NI). myRIO uses Linux Real time OS..

    i can access shared object using LabVIEW...

    can you help me to access the evaluation board…

  • ADF4360 debug

    I have a board with a ADF4360 on it (see pic below). At the moment I haven't been able to get any output from it. I wouldn't class myself as an expert in RF things so any tips would be appreciated. At the moment the output inductors L1, 2, 3 are not fitted…