• ADF4360-2 Vtune Voltage


    Can Vtune voltage vary with different populations of ADF4360-2 for the same circuit board?

    We have a Modulated RF signal from the DAC (AD9705BCPZ) that feeds into Vtune along with the Charge Pump (CP) Output.

    Typically the Modulation shift of the…

  • ADF4360-2, devide-by-2 option and duty


    I have received a question at ADF4360-2 from the customer that, "By using devide-by-2 option for 2GHz VCO output, does it result to output 1GHz of 50% duty ?"

    He said he is now having external discrete components of 1/2 dividing for VCO…

  • ADF4360-2 configuration


    Use ADF4360-2,

    The Oscillator is 20MHz input and 2GHz clock output.

    請問該設定那些register?? 值又是多少??


  • ADF4360-2 harmonics & filtering requirements


    We plan to use ADF4360-2 to supply a 1GHz LO to ADL5380 in a direct Rx converion architecture.

    I would appreciate it if you provide me with the following information:

    a. typ/wc harmonics contect for Rf/2 option

    b. Which is the differential RF…

  • ADF4360-2 + ADCLK-914 + AD9789


    Our application is DVB-C modulator,

    The chip set adopted includes ADF4360-2, ADCLK-914 and AD9789.

    We have a problem of bad RF quality for QAM-128 and QAM-256.

    It looks fine when the constellation is QAM-64.

    The situation is getting worse once…

  • ADF4360-2 Temperature characteristics of output power


    I would like to use ADF4360-2.

    So, I have a question.

    Please help me.


    I am experimenting with the ADF4360-2 evaluation board.

    Looking at the evaluation results, we found that the output power fluctuated significantly with temperature.

  • ADF4360-2 lock detect when OFF/ON power


    We are using ADF4360-2 for production design, but we found a few device can not be locked well when OFF/ON its power supply.

    We found changing value of Cn (=10uF which is recommended in datasheet) into 4.7uF can improve the issue and properly start…

  • With regards ADF4360-2 Spurious

    Hi , 

    Could you please let me know with regards to the following.

    1. Datasheet describes REF_IN min:0.7Vp-p and max: AVDD , could you please let me know what is the recommended values in terms of Spurious.

    2. With regards to the Reference input section…

  • What is the minimum Cn value on ADF4360-2

    The ADF4360-2 integrated PLL/VCO has a decoupling node (Cn, on pin 14) which is decoupled with a large value capacitor.

    In the datasheet this is variously described as a 10uF (for best phase noise) and 440nF (a compromise between phase noise and turn…

  • ADF4360-2 PLL unlocking issue at High temperatures

    Dear sirs,

    We've been experiencing a PLL unlocking issue at temperatures close to +82C.

    Application info as follows:

       Output freq: 2012MHz

       PFD Freq=2MHz, Ref freq=28MHz


       Band Sel div=8

       Icore=15mA, Ibuff=11mA

       R Reg : 340039