• Wrong response in ADF4360-0

    Hi. I´m trying to do a circuit that generates signals with frequencies between 2.4GHz and 2.725GHz. I´m using ADF4360-0.   Sometimes, the out frequency is right. It has no noise (figure 1).

    But, in other cases, the out frequency is wrong. It has noise…

  • Reflection in output stage of adf4360-0?

    Hello, I'm trying building a synthesizer with an adf4360-0. I have several stages. I have a PCB for the reference oscillator. A PCB for power source. A PCB for filter (it is given because of ADIsimpll) and other PCB for adf4360-0. The oscillator produces…

  • ADF4360-0的使用问题






  • Adf4360-0

    First of all thank you very much for your excellent forum, I'm doing a  Design of an Economical Antenna-Gain and Radiation-Pattern Measurement System, for that I dispose of a adf4360 and AD8302 detector, my problem is with adf4360 when checking the…

  • ADF4360-0 pins 9/10 (L1/L2) discrepancy


    I'm working on a design using the ADF4360-0 synthesizer and VCO.

    It's unclear to me what proper termination is for pins 9 and 10 on the IC. The datasheet (Rev. D, table 4) states pins 9 and 10 should be connected to AGND. However, the evaluation…

  • ADF4360-0

    I am a student I have a project am using ADF4360-0 module as frequency synthesizer, I have finished my PCB, now am in the programming stage ,I have some problem regarding programming, First of all I am using VCXO as reference frequency (20MHz) I want…

  • ADF4360-0无法配置,muxout一直为1.1v


  • Noise in output stage of adf4360-0

    Hi, I made a new electric diagram for my Synthesizer. The power of out signal  is better. Sometimes, the out frequency is right. It has no noise (figure 1).

    But, in other cases, the out frequency is wrong. It has noise (figure 2).

    What can I do for…

  • ADF4360-0. Reference oscillator connection

    Hello! I intend to use ADF4360-0 in my design. According to it's datasheet you recommend to use FOX801BE which connects to ADF4360 Fref port through T-network with 50Ohm resistor to ground. The question is whether it is appropriate solution cause FOX801BE…

  • ADF4360-0 can not lock

    I used adf4360-0 to synthesize a 2.5GHz clock, but the clock can not lock. the schematic, ADISimPLL simulation file and register configuration values are attached.

    The 3-wire interface is controlled by a FPGA, and the interval between the control latch…