• RE: ADF4356 Vs ADF4355-3


    Unfortunately, VCO supply is 5 V for ADF4356.


  • adf4356

    Inquiry Description:

    Here are some questions about ADF4356.

    1,When there is no REF clock input, it can also generate a RF output, but the frequency is not correct.

    2, The Creg1 pin(pin25) has no voltage output,the Creg2(pin 32) output voltage is 1…

  • ADF4356


    There are 2 RF outputs for ADF4356. Can the 2 outputs be 2 independent freq or they have to be multiples of each other?

    For example, can the 2 freqs be 2.4 and 3.4?


  • ADF4356 write timing

    I'm using ADF4356, but unfortunately I couldn't get any output signals yet. The phenomena are that: Voltages on the power pins and ground pins are correct, but no output signals on RFout pins. Besides, I set the MUXOUT as DVdd out, but the actual…

  • ADF4356 doesnt lock .

     Hi , 

    I am trying to use ADF4356 in the following configuration , please let me know if there any mistake . 

    As ADF4356 is not able to lock .


    VCO Div=16





    Thanking you 

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  • ADF4356 prescaler setting?

    On page 18 of the ADF4356 datasheet: "When the prescaler is set to 4/5, the maximum RF frequency allowed is 7 GHz." So above that frequency the prescaler should be set to 8/9.

    However the VCO frequency range for the ADF4356 is only 3.4 to 6…

  • aboat ADF4356

    At present, i want to use your company's phase-locked loop chip ADF4356 to generate a fixed frequency of 137.37MHz, reference frequency is 50MHz.
          When the parameter MOD2 is calculated from the datasheet of the ADF4356: MOD2=fPDF/GCD(fPDF,fCHSP), (datasheet…

  • ADF4356 Fast lock

        There is a question about ADF4356.
        In the datasheet of ADF4356,I want to know how to realize much faster lock time than those detailed in the datasheet.

  • ADF4356 AD9684 interface


    I would like to know, if I use ADF4356 as a Clock generator for AD9684 as in below image, is it OK? or do you have any recomendation ?


  • ADF4356 chip enable

    I am using ADF4356 and want to drop CE at times to reduce power consumption. Having previously programmed all registers, I need to know if the all the internal registered have to be programmed again after raising CE. My tests suggest that the registers…