• adf4356

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    Here are some questions about ADF4356.

    1,When there is no REF clock input, it can also generate a RF output, but the frequency is not correct.

    2, The Creg1 pin(pin25) has no voltage output,the Creg2(pin 32) output voltage is 1…

  • ADF4356


    There are 2 RF outputs for ADF4356. Can the 2 outputs be 2 independent freq or they have to be multiples of each other?

    For example, can the 2 freqs be 2.4 and 3.4?


  • ADF4356 write timing

    I'm using ADF4356, but unfortunately I couldn't get any output signals yet. The phenomena are that: Voltages on the power pins and ground pins are correct, but no output signals on RFout pins. Besides, I set the MUXOUT as DVdd out, but the actual…

  • RE: ADF4356 Multiplexer for Output Divider Path Control


    Register 6 DB24 controls the feedback selection as given in Figure 34 in datasheet. You should take into account minimum INT value when using divided feedback. All integer values from 23 to 32,767 are allowed for the 4/5 prescaler. For the 8/9 prescaler…

  • ADF4356 doesnt lock .

     Hi , 

    I am trying to use ADF4356 in the following configuration , please let me know if there any mistake . 

    As ADF4356 is not able to lock .


    VCO Div=16





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  • ADF4356 prescaler setting?

    On page 18 of the ADF4356 datasheet: "When the prescaler is set to 4/5, the maximum RF frequency allowed is 7 GHz." So above that frequency the prescaler should be set to 8/9.

    However the VCO frequency range for the ADF4356 is only 3.4 to 6…

  • aboat ADF4356

    At present, i want to use your company's phase-locked loop chip ADF4356 to generate a fixed frequency of 137.37MHz, reference frequency is 50MHz.
          When the parameter MOD2 is calculated from the datasheet of the ADF4356: MOD2=fPDF/GCD(fPDF,fCHSP), (datasheet…

  • ADF4356 Fast lock

        There is a question about ADF4356.
        In the datasheet of ADF4356,I want to know how to realize much faster lock time than those detailed in the datasheet.

  • ADF4356 AD9684 interface


    I would like to know, if I use ADF4356 as a Clock generator for AD9684 as in below image, is it OK? or do you have any recomendation ?


  • ADF4356 chip enable

    I am using ADF4356 and want to drop CE at times to reduce power consumption. Having previously programmed all registers, I need to know if the all the internal registered have to be programmed again after raising CE. My tests suggest that the registers…