• ADF4355-3  整数频点 有频偏的bug

    ADF4355-3 使用中的问题



    50MHz的整数倍数频点, 3300MHz,6000MHz 等 会有频偏。

    频偏一定是 50MHz的整数倍 。  例如3300 偏移到3275MHz或者3325MHz (有/2); 6000MHz 频偏到6050MHz或者6100MHz。



    1, 寄存器内容是对的;(示波器)

    2, 初始化的时候也有问题,即从R12一直配到R1, 延时160us, 然后 发送R0.


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    I want to reduce lock time with adf4355-3

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    someone in possession of the development board "EVAL-ADF4355-3" can try the same test ?

    Thanks very much.


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    Can we use ADF4355-3 or any similiar product in a handheld radio that requires an FM modulated output frequency? The radio has a channel spacing of 6.25kHz, 12.5 kHz, and 25 kHz.

    Best Regards.

    Muharrem Kara

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