• ADF4355-3

    In ADF4355-3  frequency synthesizer , 

    can  i use both RF outputs A and B at the same time ? 

    because iam using this IC to generate LO for two channels at the same time .

    what is the Rf output level of the both A and B at 4 GHz ? 

  • ADF4355-3


    I had designed recently ADF4355-3 own board.In that I want to know

       1. whether Vvco and Vdd of ADF4355-3 can be given same 3.3v from one regulator or not?

       2. what happens if these  Pin23(Vref) and Pin24(Vbias) are connected to 3.3v?

       3.Does any thing…

  • RE: ADF4355-3 programming.

    Hi Rob. Could you also help with Register 12 settings? I read the explanation of how to set bits [31:16] but it's still not clear. Let's say my lock time is 200uS. How would you set the phase resync clock? The programming software for the ADF4355 reference…

  • RE: ADF4355-3 spurs


    I am using adf 4355-3  to generate only single frequency as 122.88 MHz using 10 MHz as reference input. The device is working properly and the output 122.88MHz is locked and seen. But at 4800MHz i am seeing some spur  i want to eliminate that  spur…

  • RE: ADF4355-3 Register

    Hi rbrennan,

    many thanks for your quick answer.

    Best regards,


  • ADF4355-3 power supplies

    We are considering the ADF4355-3 for use as a LO source and would appreciate clarification of the VRF supply requirements.  The datasheet states VRF must be the same value as AVDD, which in turn must be the same as DVDD.  However the datasheet also recommends…

  • ADF4355-3 sweep frequency with spurs ...


    We are using your evaluation board of synthesizer ADF4355-3. I use the reference
    oscillator installed on the development board. I am making a sweep frequency
    from 5.0 GHz to 5.1 GHz with 51 step frequency points at the maximum possible
    speed waiting…

  • RE: ADF4355, ADF4355-2, ADF4355-3, ADF4356, ADF5355, and ADF5356 evaluation board control software

    Hello rbrennan, 

    I see that you have de source code of the program is it posible that you can send me the source code? 

    With kind regarts


  • RE: Labview code for ADF5355 with SDP-S

    we bought ADF4355-3 eval board from analog devices recently.