• ADF4355-3

    I am using the ADF435-3 Evaluation Board Control Software to set the registers so that the PLL will output 2.433GHz and 5.433GHz to an ADL5375 RF Modulator.

    The software is telling me that I can do, this but I have tried everything and the software will…

  • ADF4356 Vs ADF4355-3


    Would the ADF4356 work with VCO supply voltage of 3.3V like the ADF4355-3?



  • ADF4355-3 VCO Calibration temperature range

    Hi sir,

    I don't find in ADF4355-3 data sheet the allowable temperature range for VCO not being re-calibrated.

    Is it -40°C to -105°C so 145°C?



  • RE: ADF4355, ADF4355-2, ADF4355-3, ADF4356, ADF5355, and ADF5356 evaluation board control software

    Would you please send me the source code as well for the ADF4355-3 eval GUI?

    Thank you.

  • ADF4355-3 Thermal Issue


    I have been having repeatable issue with the ADF4355-3 where heating up the IC will cause unstable RF output. What I'm seeing is the Lock Detect mux output is toggling between '1' and '0' repeatedly. When I update the registers with a new frequency…

  • ADF4355-3 has spurious at 1.8kHz


    Our board output of ADF4355-3 has spurious at 1. 8kHz.  The spurious is constant in different output frequency, bleed current and CP current. 

    We attempt to replace DC-DC with external power supply,but the spurious still unchanded. 

    We have a few questions…

  • Output power from the ADF4355-3

    Is it possible to increase the output power of the ADF4355-3 above the specified +5 dBm by combining the A and B outputs or some other similar trick?  There is an ambiguous reference to this possibility in the Datasheet Rev. B, page 24 under the discussion…

  • ADF4355-3

    In ADF4355-3  frequency synthesizer , 

    can  i use both RF outputs A and B at the same time ? 

    because iam using this IC to generate LO for two channels at the same time .

    what is the Rf output level of the both A and B at 4 GHz ?