• EVAL-ADF4355 input SMA bypassing

    Hi. I have a quick question regarding the ADF4355-2. I own the official EVB by Analog that allows to provide the input reference though the SMA connector, thus with a nominal 50ohm single-ended input impedance.

    I was wondering if there is the possibility…

  • ADF4355-3

    I am using the ADF435-3 Evaluation Board Control Software to set the registers so that the PLL will output 2.433GHz and 5.433GHz to an ADL5375 RF Modulator.

    The software is telling me that I can do, this but I have tried everything and the software will…

  • ADF4355 output spurious in KHz steps


    we are using customized  Board of ADF4355 with 10MHz Reference clock with loop filter bandwidth of 10KHz

    we are loading with the register settings for 190.001MHz as shown below.

    we are getting the following output for 190.001MHz

    the spurious of 1kHz…

  • RE: ADF4355, ADF4355-2, ADF4355-3, ADF4356, ADF5355, and ADF5356 evaluation board control software

    Would you please send me the source code as well for the ADF4355-3 eval GUI?

    Thank you.

  • RE: Regarding ADF4355 source code in C

    You can check No-OS driver page given below. It supports ADF4355.

    ADF5355 - No-OS Driver [Analog Devices Wiki]



  • AD916x-FMCC-EBZ : disabling the OUTA of ADF4355 individually


    I have a question about how to configure AD916x-FMCC-EBZ.
    Our customer wants to set the register of ADF4355 directly.
    in particular, he wants to disable OUTA of ADF4355 when he uses an external clock (J31).
    While in DDC mode, the ADF4355 output is…

  • ADF4355 - any examples of C-code for codfiguration?


    I need some tool for generating C-code for configuring ADF4355 at AD9161-FMCC-EBZ board.

    Or any examples of C-code for configuring ADF4355.

    I've looked ADIsim software but I've not found there any functions for generating C-code, at least register…

  • ADF4355 : how to set RFout frequency

    I am using ADF4355 chip. However, it has not been able to produce an accurate frequency.

    And, Digital Lock detect is not asserted, so LED(MUXOUT) is turn off. When I set that MUXOUT is DVdd,  LED is turned on.

    My condition : 

    Ref_freq : 122.88MHz

    VCO :…

  • Reg: ADF4355 frequency lock

    Hi Sir, 

    I have a problem with frequency locking in ADF4355. When I'm writing values on registers based on the  4355 evaluation software GUI, I'm not able to lock the exact frequency.

    My frequency is deviating to some other value. when I'm locking…