• ADF4355, ADF4355-2, ADF4355-3, ADF4356, ADF5355, and ADF5356 evaluation board control software

    Installation process:

    1. Disconnect any evaluation board.
    2. Download and run the attached installer.
    3. Click Next/Continue/Finish when asked.
    4. Connect your evaluation board.
    5. Windows will detect the evaluation board and install the drivers.
    6. Run the…
  • Reg: ADF4355 frequency lock

    Hi Sir, 

    I have a problem with frequency locking in ADF4355. When I'm writing values on registers based on the  4355 evaluation software GUI, I'm not able to lock the exact frequency.

    My frequency is deviating to some other value. when I'm locking…

  • ADF4355/ADF4355-2低温失锁


  • RE: ADF4356 Vs ADF4355-3


    Unfortunately, VCO supply is 5 V for ADF4356.


  • RE: Regarding ADF4355 source code in C


    Evaluation software is written with C#. You can find the source code in the below EZ post. It should be a good reference point for your C code.

    (+) ADF4355/ADF4355-2/ADF4355-3/ADF4356/ADF5355/ADF5356 Evaluation Software (Rev. 1.4.5) Source Code -…

  • ADF4355

    I am looking at using a DDS to provide the reference to a PLL. The PLL (ADF4355) will act as a simple multiplier for the DDS output. I want to use the internal VCOs of the ADF4355 and its output dividers. What I want to know is how does the ADF4355 select…

  • ADF4355

    I want to use ADF4355 to create RF input for the mixer. I would like to know if ADF4355 can generate 4.65 or 5.15 GHz RF output ?.

    Also, what should be the LO frequency for the input of ADF4355? Can I use LO with 25 MHz for the input ?

  • ADF4355 500kHz spurs problem


    We are using ADF4355 as an LO of 5900 MHz in an upconversion design using mixer HMC6505A and baseband from ADRV9361 at 2450 MHz. At RF out of the mixer, we are seeing spurs/harmonics ~500 kHz from the 8350 MHz as shown in the image-IMG_0533.jpg…

  • ADF4355-3


    I had designed recently ADF4355-3 own board.In that I want to know

       1. whether Vvco and Vdd of ADF4355-3 can be given same 3.3v from one regulator or not?

       2. what happens if these  Pin23(Vref) and Pin24(Vbias) are connected to 3.3v?

       3.Does any thing…