• ADF4355-2 PLL phase issue

    Hi All,

    We want to use ADF4355-2 to generate LO for Demodulator and modulator at the same time.

    System RF output frequency maybe will at 3GHz to 4GHz.

    We have some question as below need your help!

    1. Does ADF4355-2 use RF outputA and B at the same time…
  • RE: ADF4355-2 output synchronization

    1. Does ADF4355-2 use RF outputA and B at the same time?  yes
    2. What is the output power of RFout_A and RFout_B at 3.8G? see fig 13 ..approx 5dBm
    3. What is the delay between RFout_A and RFout_B of ADF4355-2? not specified, i would expect the phase to be almost…
  • ADF4355

    I am looking at using a DDS to provide the reference to a PLL. The PLL (ADF4355) will act as a simple multiplier for the DDS output. I want to use the internal VCOs of the ADF4355 and its output dividers. What I want to know is how does the ADF4355 select…

  • output power level of ADF4355


    Our customer is using ADF4355 and ADF5355 by same circuit and layout. But, the output level of ADF4355 is lower than ADF5355. The output level is around -5dBm at 3400MHz and -30dBm at 6000MHz. The register setting of ADF4355 is also same as ADF5355…

  • Migrate from ADF4355 to ADF4356


    I have a working design with the ADF4355, and on the followup spin on my board I switched to the ADF4356 thinking it had slightly better performance and was a simple drop in replacement.  Now I am having trouble getting the PLL to lock.  I have done…

  • RE: Signal generator with a PLL integrated VCO

    Can you use 2 parts? 2 ADF4351 evaluation boards would do what you're trying to do. If you want much narrower than 10 kHz spacing, try the 2 ADF4355-2 boards.

  • RE: Controlling ADF4355 via Arduino

    There are no difference between the boards.

    I still believe that the problem is between the SPD board and ADF4355. I think the communication between both has been cut off. Is there a way to prove this? Is there a way to check if the ADF4355 is still…

  • RE: AD9361: 0.1Hz LO Frequency Step - How?

    The maximum modulus on the ADF4351 is 4095. For a reference frequency of 10 MHz, this gives a resolution of 2.44 kHz.

    The ADF4355-2 has a much higher modulus. With a reference frequency of 10 MHz, you can achieve 0.1 Hz resolution. For more information…

  • ADF4355BCPZ

    Dear ADI team,

    last week I order samples of ADF4355BCPZ, but now when i have receive them i see that on chip is written: ADF4355-2 (but on pack list and box is written: ADF4355BCPZ).

    This is strange as ADF4355 is for max output frequency 6.8GHz and…