• ADF4351


  • RE: Controlling ADF4351 using LabView

    Hi Slowa, could you share the LabVIEW code with me via this email address jmonroy1@jhu.edu?



  • Stable relative phase between two ADF4351


    we are working on a beam forming application in certain ISM bands and I have selected the ADF4351 as a synthesizer chip.

    Currently we have two chips which share the same reference clock.

    The idea was that we can run the ADF4351 in a mode where we…

  • ADF4351 activation/deactivation time from CE pin edge

    Anyone know the time of activation (and deactivation) from rising (falling) edge at CE pin?

  • ADF4351 Differential to single ended output


    I want to use the ADF4351 as single ended out put. how should i do this in the eval board schematics?


  • ADF4351 Evaluation Board Output Power


    I am using the ADF4351 Evaluation board on lower frequencies ( 35 MHz to 600 MHz ). Analog devices recommended changing L2 and L3 inductors at the output stage to:

    • 100 nH


    • 50 Ohms

    For 100 nH Matching: when the synthesizer is set to output…

  • ADF4351 LO Power


    I am testing the ADF4351 Evaluation Board and noticed the following:

    • According to the datasheet, the output power is range is -4 to 5 dBm (2 dB steps). 
    • When testing output frequencies under 1 GHz (e.g. 433 MHz), the measured output power value…
  • RE: ADF4351


    Output power rolls off with increasing frequency. Please see below thread.


  • Possible bug in ADF4351 iio driver and utility program

    Datasheet section Prescaler Value specifies prescaler should be 8/9 for output frequencies more than 3.6GHz. It doesn't specify if this value is VCO or divided output. I assume it is VCO if FEEDBACK (R4,D13) is 1 otherwise it's divided output. Linux driver…

  • ADF4351 Evaluation Board with USB connector

    I am trying to operate the ADF4351 evaluation board with the USB using an Apple Mac. I have a copy of the C# code that creates the Windows version that AD supplies. Having looked at that code and obtained a copy of the Cypress FX API I can talk to the Cypress…