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  • RE: Stable relative phase between two ADF4351


    Phase re-sync does not guarantee a constant phase relation with the reference in each power-up. Phase resync ensures same phase at the output clock when frequency is changed and set to the previous frequency again. 

    Let me put this with a usage scenario…

  • RE: Controlling ADF4351 using LabView

    Hi Slowa, could you share the LabVIEW code with me via this email address jmonroy1@jhu.edu?



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  • ADF4351

    I need to understand the difference between the new ADF4351 and the older ADF3250. From the preliminary datasheet they look identical except for improvements in the VCO. I presume that the ADF4351 is intended to solve the temperature sensitivity of its…

  • ADF4351 Vref

    Hi, Could someone help me to understand how the Vref is generated and used within ADF4351? In one of our board, Vref for ADF4351 is showing 350mV. For that component the lock detect is not going high and no output is coming out from it. However on another…

  • ADF4351


    i want to use ADF4351 to generate 3072MHz. I want to give 10MHz as reference. I want to use Integer -N mode.

    which is to be best enabled out of reference double and reference divider to get clean out from PLL?


  • ADF4351 buffering


    I'm using an ADF4351 to generate a LO from 100Mhz to 2.2GHz.

    I need to buffer the LO to four load (need a 1 to 4 buffer). the load is an IQ demodulator with differential input

    any advice for choosing the right component ?

    LVDS or CML buffer…

  • ADF4351

    I want to know whether there is any relationship between output power and frequency.

    4 different output power levels can be set using ADf4351 (-4, -1, 2, 5)

    Does this power level decrease when we set higher frequencies (say 2GHz)?

    What is max possible…

  • ADF4351

    hello dears,

    i got the ADF4351, and tried to get the following result:

    rf output from 1ghz to 1.5gh with step (1-10kh)

    the desired output i'd like to get  on spectrum analyzer like this:


       1ghz                1.5ghz

    to realize this it is…