• CN0285(ADL5375+ADF4351) Modulator testing issue


              Customer use CN0285 EVB for OIP2 test by below condition.  They compare to ADL5375 datasheet that OIP3 under reasonable range as Figure 18. But OIP2 test value looks worse compare Figure 19. What are difference between datasheet testing condition…

  • ADF4351


  • RE: Controlling ADF4351 using LabView

    Hi Slowa, could you share the LabVIEW code with me via this email address jmonroy1@jhu.edu?



  • RE: ADF4350 and ADF4351 software and USB microcontroller firmware source codes

    Can anyone help with the eeprom programming? is that eeprom file for the evaluation board usb controller anywhere to be found?

  • Stable relative phase between two ADF4351


    we are working on a beam forming application in certain ISM bands and I have selected the ADF4351 as a synthesizer chip.

    Currently we have two chips which share the same reference clock.

    The idea was that we can run the ADF4351 in a mode where we…

  • ADF4351 activation/deactivation time from CE pin edge

    Anyone know the time of activation (and deactivation) from rising (falling) edge at CE pin?

  • ADF4351 Differential to single ended output


    I want to use the ADF4351 as single ended out put. how should i do this in the eval board schematics?


  • ADF4351 Evaluation Board Output Power


    I am using the ADF4351 Evaluation board on lower frequencies ( 35 MHz to 600 MHz ). Analog devices recommended changing L2 and L3 inductors at the output stage to:

    • 100 nH


    • 50 Ohms

    For 100 nH Matching: when the synthesizer is set to output…

  • ADF4351 LO Power


    I am testing the ADF4351 Evaluation Board and noticed the following:

    • According to the datasheet, the output power is range is -4 to 5 dBm (2 dB steps). 
    • When testing output frequencies under 1 GHz (e.g. 433 MHz), the measured output power value…
  • RE: ADF4351


    Output power rolls off with increasing frequency. Please see below thread.