• ADF4351 RF outputs into ECL/PECL inputs???

    I want to use ADF4351 to clocking an Texas Instruments DAC (DAC5686). Nof the ADF4351 to the Figure 49 circuit? What are the compliance level of the ADF4351 output? The ADF4351 need to be terminated to 50 ohm load .. how can drive an ECL/PECL input using…

  • RE: Problem for setting ADF4351 to wanted 3031.25MHz frequency

    Can we see 1KHz variation in ADF4351 devices  by varying ref clk inp of adf4351.If no then how to get 1KHzstep in adf4351 please give me suggestion.

  • RE: How to connect ADF4351 to Matlab

    The ADF4351 evb does not work with the Labview GUI. Did you test the GUI for ADF4351 evb?

  • RE: PLL board recommendations

    Take a look at ADF4351 (www.analog.com/adf4351). It operates to 4.4 GHz and has an integrated VCO.

  • RE: how to design 3 GHz function generator ?

    Take a look at the ADF4351. It is an intergrated PLL and VCO that will output frequencies from 35 MHz to 4400 MHz.


  • What frequency does the "prescaler" in ADF4351 impact on?

    Dear Experts,

    My customer is considering to choose ADF4351. Could you please reply to the following question?

    Q1: We can see "prescaler" (= 4/5 or 8/9) in the ADF4351 datasheet but cannot see any equation with “prescaler” in the ADF4351 datasheet.…

  • RE: ADF4351 simulation tools

    ADIsimPLL is the best tool we have for simulating the ADF4351. It is very difficult to simulate spurious signals.

    If you look at page 23 onwards of the ADF4351 datasheet, you will find information on calculating the spurious distributions: http://www…