• ADF4350 Not locking to required frequency

    HI Analog team,

    We are trying to generate 800 to 1312MHz LO signal from ADF4350 PLO. Step size shall be 10KHz.

    We are using 24.576MHz LVCMOS clock as a reference.

    Below are the schematic and register values used.

    With this settings, we are unable to…

  • ADF4350 lock detect (LD pin)

    We are experiencing a weird thing that the ADF4350 LD pin is always HIGH, or the locked LED is ON even if the output frequency is wrong. 


    For example, we have 10MHz REF IN and set ADF4350 to have 1600MHz output.

    However the output is 2200MHz instead and…

  • ADF4350/4351 punch/sawn LFCSP package

    There is a PCN from 2014 saying that ADF4350/4351 has switched to the sawn package.

    However, I'm seeing ADF4350 devices with date codes of 2018/2019 that are in the punched package.

    Are the punched package ADF4350s still being produced, or are these…

  • ADF4350 - 500MHz Output Waveform

    Hi. I am building a communication system and will be using ADF4350 as a local oscillator.
    I need 500 MHz or 600 MHz constant output from both RF outputs.

    What I've learnt from the related topics is that output waveform becomes more like a square wave rather…

  • No output from ADF4350 when programmed correctly at certain frequencies


    I'm using the ADF4350 to generate the clock for the AD9914 and I would like the frequency to be either 2^31 Hz = 2147.483648 MHz or 3500 MHz which I generate from a 100 MHz reference. Using the evaluation software gives me the values I need to…

  • RE: ADF4350 Spurious at 150MHz from the EVAL4350


    which elements do you mean by pull-up element? Is it L2 (originally 3.9 nH) according to the evaluation board user guide UG-110, page 6, for use of the output signal at J2? I am a beginner in electronics and sometimes have difficulties in understanding…

  • RE: SPI configuration of ADF4350

    您好 想请教一下

    如何利用SPI配置  有参考文件吗

  • RE: ADF4350 Strange output spectrum from the EVAL-ADF4350

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

    Thank you,
  • 关于ADF4350 SPI配置的问题


    我尝试着自己写SPI 的Verilog驱动代码来驱动评估板上的两个器件ADF4350和AD9739A。我确定我的代码是没有问题的,因为与AD9739A的SPI交互是没有问题的,但在与ADF4350通信时却出现了问题。在我配置完6个寄存器之后,评估板上的相位锁定指示灯并没有亮。在我尝试很多次之后,偶尔配置完之后是亮的。即使在我把R5寄存器的值设置成LD引脚输出高电平,也经常有时灯亮,有时没有反应的情况。下图是我用vivado中ILA抓取的一次SPI通信时序…

  • ADF4350/4351

    I am using these parts in a new design.

    I know the SPI is working, the parts tune to the right frequency.

    However, for production relaibility purposes, I want to use muxout to let the how know it is indeed communications qith these chips.

    So I set reg…