• ADF4350 S-parameters

    ADF4350 S-parameters by icollins

    Attached s-parameters for ADF4350 outputs.

    These were measured with RFoutA+/- output stage powered up at different power settings. RFoutA+ is connected to a network analyser while RFoutA- is connected to a 50 Ohm termination…

  • How to power up and ADF4350

    The ADF4350 may become unstable depending on how the power supply rises.

    Serial data will be sent several tens of milliseconds after the power supply reaches +3.3V.

    There is no problem if +3.3V rises upward.

    If there is a dip in the rise of +3.3V, it…

  • ADF4350 and ADF4351 evaluation board files

    ADF4350 and ADF4351 evaluation board files attached:

    • Gerber files
    • Schematic
    • Layout
    • Bill of Materials

    The schematic and layout were created in Mentor Graphics PADS. Get a free viewer here: http://www.pads.com/downloads/pads-pcb-viewer/

  • How do I set up the ADF4350?

    When register 0 to register 5 is sent to the ADF4350, register 0 must be sent twice to It may not work properly.
    Does register 0 have any special role?

  • FAQ:  How should I terminate the RFoutA and RFoutB pins on the ADF4350?


    How should I terminate the RFoutA and RFoutB pins on the ADF4350?



    Well...  50 Ohm resistors directly to GND on the unused RFoutB pins are definitely…

  • ADF4350 and ADF4351 Common Questions Cheat Sheet

    ADF4350 and ADF4351 common questions cheat sheet attached.

    • v1.2 - Improved description of Band Select Process.
    • v1.1 - Fixed formatting error on mobile devices.
    • v1.0 - Initial release. 10-Sept-2014.


    The datasheet says that the value after division is less than 125KHz.
    The software of the evaluation board is set to 125KHz or less.
    Is just 125KHz a problem?

    The reference signal input to the ADF4350 has a deviation of about ±0.5 to 1.0ppm.
    So just…

  • What is the purpose of 0-ohm resistance on RF out lines of ADF4350?

    Oh the evaluation board of ADF4350 generator, each RF output line has a zero-ohm resistance marked as "L 0r".

    What is the purpose of this component? Should it have some specific properties?