• ADF4252 software

    The latest ADF4252 software is attached.

    Installation process:

    1. Disconnect any evaluation board

    2. Download and run the attached installer

    3. Click Next/Continue/Finish when asked

    4. Connect your evaluation board

    5. Windows will detect the evaluation…

  • Problems with ADF4252

    Hello In our device, we used a synthesizer ADF4252, we bought them for a long time. We bought a new chip and showed a defect in their work. Determining the cause of poor performance synthesizer we failed. The defect is expressing at a higher noise of…

  • ADF4252 - TPC22 Phase Noise Plot

    ADF4252 TPC22 labeled “Phase Noise (Referred to CP Output) vs. PFD Frequency, IF Side” on pp. 10.  Usually the phase noise starts out high, close-in to the carrier and then decreases as you look at higher frequency offsets.  This graph shows the opposite…

  • ADF4252‘s power supply

    ADF4252 has 2 independent PLL channels,IF channel and RF channel. If I use the RF channel only, do I still need to provide the power supply to IF channel or can I leave the power pins for IF channel float. Thanks!

  • Lock time of the ADF4252

    I will use the adf4252 and I have a quesitons. How much locking time does this chip?

  • Is there an improvement of the ADF4252?

    I am currently working on obsolescence and improvements of my board. I am using the ADF4252 and I wondered if there was a ADF4253 for exemple.

    Is anybody aware of such an improvement?

  • ADF4252 "figure of merit" over temperature.

    I was hoping that you guys can answer some questions on the ADF4252 for me.

    The phase detector “figure of merit” according to ADI SimPll is -214dBc/Hz for the fractional-N side and -210 for the integer-N side.

    Is there any data on how this changes…

  • ADF4252 CP output with no Ref in

    With Refin below min value is there a default output level for the CP pin?

  • RE: LMX2364TM replacement

    The closest device is the ADF4252 Dual Fractional-N, Integer-N Frequency Synthesizer: http://www.analog.com/en/rfif-components/pll-synthesizersvcos/adf4252/products/product.html

    It's not a drop-in replacement but the functionality is the same or greater…

  • RE: PLL recommendation

    Hi. The ADF4153 will work at low frequencies, providing the slew rate requirements are met.

    The ADF4252 is low power.

    I would start with these.