• ADF4193 unlock

    Hi,recently our customer designing ADF4193 refer to Evaluation Board sch.However the frequency always unlock.

    Can you help support relative configure reference code? Thanks.

  • ADF4193 manual bandwidth register setting

    In the ADF4193 eval board software, there is a setting to lock the PLL into wide bandwidth mode, which was useful for us in debugging some stability issues with an external op-amp. Now that we have the board back, I don't see the register setting that…

  • ADF4193 register map query

    I have a quick query regarding the ADF4193 register map. Unlike the ADF4351, the 4193 has registers of a differing number of bits (p.14 of D/S). However, I presume that as you write the control bits last due to the serial programming being MSB first that…

  • Extending Tuning Voltage of ADF4193

    CP has an output voltage of 1.2V~Vp3-0.3V, but after adding an CMR voltage 3V, voltage range becomes 1.8V~Vp3-0.8V. How does this work? I feel confused and when designing circuits that extending VCO tuning voltage. Thank you!

  • RE: ADF4193宽带频率输出快跳锁定问题

    ADF4193锁定时间的典型值是20us, 您可以在ADI公司网站上下载ADIsimPLL工具来做环路的仿真,如果是有源环路,软件会推荐合适的op-amp;http://www.analog.com/en/search.html?q=ADIsimPLL%E2%84%A2-%20Version%203.60.10


  • ADF4193, ADF4196 evaluation boards software

    The latest ADF4193 and ADF4196 software (v6) is attached.

    Installation process:

    1. Disconnect any evaluation board

    2. Download and run the attached installer

    3. Click Next/Continue/Finish when asked

    4. Connect your evaluation board

    5. Windows will…

  • RE: ADF4193 Does Sim PLL predict integer boundary spurs

    ADIsimPLL models fractional spurs but not integer boundary spurs which are caused by a separate mechanism, namely

    interaction between the RF and harmonics of the reference frequency. The ADF4193 datasheet talks about one method to avoid integer boundaries…

  • RE: Lock time of the ADF4252

    Lock time depends on PLL loop bandwidth. Wide loop bandwidths lock quickly. Narrow ones slowly.

    Download ADIsimPLL to get an estimate of performance.

    For fast locking applications the ADF4193 is the fastest part we have.

  • RE: Synth software


    ADF4193: http://ez.analog.com/thread/12767

    ADF4350: http://ez.analog.com/message/38857#38857

    I can provide the source codes for both applications if you want.

  • ADF4193锁定标准的问题,帮忙看一下,多谢