• ADF4193 unlock

    Hi,recently our customer designing ADF4193 refer to Evaluation Board sch.However the frequency always unlock.

    Can you help support relative configure reference code? Thanks.

  • ADF4193 register map query

    I have a quick query regarding the ADF4193 register map. Unlike the ADF4351, the 4193 has registers of a differing number of bits (p.14 of D/S). However, I presume that as you write the control bits last due to the serial programming being MSB first that…

  • ADF4193, ADF4196 evaluation boards software

    The latest ADF4193 and ADF4196 software (v6) is attached.

    Installation process:

    1. Disconnect any evaluation board

    2. Download and run the attached installer

    3. Click Next/Continue/Finish when asked

    4. Connect your evaluation board

    5. Windows will…

  • ADF4193 manual bandwidth register setting

    In the ADF4193 eval board software, there is a setting to lock the PLL into wide bandwidth mode, which was useful for us in debugging some stability issues with an external op-amp. Now that we have the board back, I don't see the register setting that…

  • Extending Tuning Voltage of ADF4193

    CP has an output voltage of 1.2V~Vp3-0.3V, but after adding an CMR voltage 3V, voltage range becomes 1.8V~Vp3-0.8V. How does this work? I feel confused and when designing circuits that extending VCO tuning voltage. Thank you!

  • ADF4193 Does Sim PLL predict integer boundary spurs

    Doing a  design with ADF4193 Does SimPLL account for integer boundary spurs?  Fref is 25MHz, Mod=250,  loop BW is 80KHz, operating from 2.45 GHz to 2,68GHz with a channel spacing of 100KHz.  I have done calcutations on a spread sheet for the integer boundary…

  • ADF4193宽带频率输出快跳锁定问题


  • FAQ: Extending the VCO tuning range of the ADF4193 ultra fast settling PLL


    How do I get extended VCO tuning range using the ADF4193?



    Fastlock in PLLs is a technique whereby the PLL…

  • ADF4193锁定标准的问题,帮忙看一下,多谢







  • RE: Synth software


    ADF4193: http://ez.analog.com/thread/12767

    ADF4350: http://ez.analog.com/message/38857#38857

    I can provide the source codes for both applications if you want.