• RE: ADF4158, ADF4159, ADF4169 software

    Hi FormerMember,

    I am trying to generate a FMCW waveform with EV-ADF4159EB1Z/EV-ADF4159EB3Z evaluation board. Is it possible to generate a pulse series as shown below on the EV board to trigger my ADC? Thanks.


    Hi all,

    For frequency readback, the following sequence is described in the datasheet @ ADF4169.

    Figure 2. Write Timing Diagram
    Figure 3. Read Timing Diagram
    Figure 50. Reading Back Single Bits to Determine the Output Frequency at the Moment of Interru…

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  • What is different between ADF4159 and ADF4169?


    I would like to know what is different between ADF4159 and ADF4169.

    According to the datasheet, ADF4169 has wide frequency range of RF bandwidth and PFD frequency but it doesn't have parabolic ramp.

    Are there any major changes?

    Best regards…

  • RE: ADF4159 Phase Coherence Between the chirp

    Due to the fractional N sigma delta engine that the ramp generation uses, this is quite difficult maybe even impossible.

    See here for more detail

     Phase consistency between two ADF4159/ADF4169 PLLs 

  • PLL device selection for frequency comparison circuit


    A university research institute is currently designing a frequency comparison circuit. They would like to compare the frequency between a 40MHz reference signal and a 40 + α MHz signal, and get the error signal from the charge pump output. For example…

  • RE: ltc6948能实现FSK控制嘛?

    您好,感谢对ADI 产品的支持。


    也可以看一下ADF4159/ADF4169, 都是带有FSK功能的PLL。www.analog.com/.../adf4159.html

  • RE: ADF4112 Fvco

    The only standalone PLLs we have that support FSK natively with dedicated trigger pins are the ADF4158/ADF4159/ADF4169, the HMC700 and the HMC703.

    I don't have any specific reference designs for implementing FSK with ADF4112 or any of our other standalone…