• How to use TX data in ADF4159

    Hi , 

    I am trying to use  TX data pulse  to trigger the PLL to generate ramp. As per the design of my application , I need to trigger each and every chirp(ramp) and also change the frequency when needed. 

    It would of great help if some one can answer my doubts…

  • ADF4159 Charge Pump Polarity Issue

    When the polarity is negative, the correct single frequency point can be obtained, but the signal quality is poor; when the polarity is positive, the frequency point falls at the lowest point of the VCO.But my VCO increases in frequency as the voltage…

  • ADF4159 do not start

    Dear Srs.

    We start the project with ADF4159.We send data to registers through SPI as in datasheet.

    DC regimes and levels are Ok.

    But we failed to read anything on maxout.

    What we are doing wrong?

  • Question about rounding method in ADF4159


    My customer use ADF4159 and ask "rounding method" in ADF4159 datasheet.

    As your datasheet , it seems to use "rounding up".

    Please refer below comment.

        In the Last Paragraph in page 27 of the Datasheet of ADF4159, DEV_OFFSET…

  • RE: ADF4159 eval onboard eeprom

    The ADF4159 does not have an SDP connector so the previously approved procedure will not work. Please see here for reprogramming EEPROMs using the older Cypress interface board:


  • ADF4159 Ramp Generation Issue


    I am using the ADF4159 for ramp generation and facing some issue as follow, Below are the test carried out on the ADF4159 EVK which have HMC515 VCO.

    1. Continues sawtooth settings (Ramp On) are done as per attached EVK software setting and measured…

  • ADF4159 PLL is not locking


    I'm using ADF4159 with Crystek CVCO55CC-2500-2500 2.5GHz VCO for give other chip Reference.

    XO reference for 4159chip  is CWX-813.00-100MHz.

    I made custom PCB, but my PLL is not locking.

    last time, i used same XO, PLL and Crystek 3.5 VCO, that…

  • sawtooth setup in ADF4159 and ADF5901


    Is there a way to setup the number of sawtooth generated from ADF4159 and ADF5901, or how can I determine the number of sawtooth in a frame by using EV-RADAR-MMIC2 since I need the number to calculate the velocity of the target.



  • RE: Need ADF4159 EVB controller image file

    Hello. Sorry for highjacking this thread.

    A couple of things. i have a bit of a problem also recreating the digital part of the ADF4159 ev board. 
    Searching for this forum i was able to find the following files



  • The ADF4159 outputs a constant and not a desired frequency

    The CP output is 0 when there is no reference clock input, and 3.3 when there is a reference clock input. No matter how you change the program, there is no change. Test MAXOUT's GND, DVDD, R frequency division, R/2 frequency division, N/2 frequency division…