• MIMO chirp tirgger problem using ADF4159 & ADF5901?


    I'm using ADF4159 & ADF5901 to generate 24GHz radar chirp, and I have used the TXdata of ADF4159 to trigger a single sawtooth brust. I follow the INITIALIZATION SEQUENCE of ADF5901 to lock it at 24GHz and trigger the TXdata of ADF4159, and only…

  • RE: ADF5901 is not work at the right  frequency ?

    Hi Hawk,

    Can you please send me the .pll file that you used for the ADF4159 loop filter...

    with reference to fig 31 in the ADF5901 datasheet, is your connection to the ADF4159 similar ?

    both the ADF4159  and the ADF5901 should be connected to the same…

  • RE: Oscillator Frequency with ADF5904/ADF4149/ADAR7251

    We now have our prototype solution in house, and we are trying to troubleshoot the ADF4159 and choose appropriate settings to get a reasonable output. This post is related to the above content, I promise... So, if the REFIN to the ADF4159 is greater than…

  • RE: About the FSK of ADF4159


    About the ADF4159,

    Can we set the frequency deviation to be different from step to step?

    The figure below is an example.

    In the ADF4159 datasheet P15 Figure15, the frequency deviation looks the same step by step.


  • the clock question about the ADF4159

    Hi all


    When we use the ADF4159 ,we have some questions about the detail of ramp signal

    We use the Tx_data to trigger the ramp signal . one raising range of Tx_data to generate one ramp.

    But we find that the Tx_data signal from the processor always be…

  • RE: the parameter of the adf4159 and adf5901?

    ADF5901 24GHz with AUX set to DIV4 and 250MHZ BW

    ADF4159 is (24GHz/4) 6GHz and sweep of (250MHz/4)62.5MHz

    I suggest use the DIV2 option when using the ADF4159.

  • RE: ADF4159初始化和配置问题



  • Query about Phase Difference of ADF4159 When Sweeping or Ramping

    Hi, there

    I have a query about ADF4159. When ADF4159 works in ramping or sweeping mode, is the output phase continuous?

    Thanks advance for your kindly help!



  • RE: ADF4159 PSK

    Hi!  Please help me to configure ADF4159 in PSK mode.

    VCO is ADF4351. Frequency 1600 MHz. TxData clocked 500 kHz, but on pin CP ADF4159 const level.

  • RE: CLK1 and CLK2 values for a ramp in ADF4158

    The limitation that CLK1 and CLK2 cannot be equal 1 at the same time is for the ADF4159. The ADF4159 and ADF4158 share the same software. You can ignore the software warning when using the ADF4158.