• ADF4159 Sawtooth

    Hi team,

    I trying to develop a FMCW Radar application using the ADF4159 PLL. Using this PLL, I'm generating a sawtooth waveform which looks like below image(taken from the ADIsimPLL software when I was analyzing whether the ramp generation is meeting…

  • ADF4159 Phase Coherence Between the chirp


    We are using ADF4159 for ramp generation and we require phase coherence between the ramps. means phase of start freq of ramp should be phased matched with next ramp start frequency phase.

    Kindly help me to make this with ADF4159 PLL.



  • Synchronization of two ADF4159 PLL

    Hi Team,
    We are using two ADF4159  in our application. We have the following queries.
    1. How to synchronize two ADF4159 PLL's such that both should generate ramp signals at same time?
    2. Is there any trigger pin on ADF4159 chip such that upon providing…
  • ADF4159 eval board eeprom

    Hello Everyone. 

    I have the ADF4159 evaluation board, and i have made a custom implementation of it. I want to use the ADF4159 PLL software. The evaluation board uses a Cypress CY7C68013 usb controller to program the registers. The same controller uses…

  • ADF4159 Phase noise improvement

    Hi team,

    I integrated the ADF4159 PLL evaluation board with an external VCO i.e., HMC510LP5E to generate desired frequencies for the application I'm working on. Also I'm giving the reference signal of 100MHz from an external clock source(LN100) instead…

  • REFIN clock effect on Phase noise in ADF4159 PLL

    Hi team,

    Using ADF4159 PLL, I'm implementing a FMCW Radar application. Instead of onboard 100MHz clock source, I connected an external clock source of 100MHz whose part number is as follows "LNO 100 SG 58 C 12100M". I designed a loop filter that meets…

  • ADF4159 Single sawtooth burst generation settings/procedure

    Hi team,
    I want to generate a single sawtooth ramp burst from ADF4159 PLL. I went through the datasheet but the concept was not explained detailly. 
    So, using the application software, I set the main controls and ramp-shift keying controls as shown b…
  • How to use TX data in ADF4159

    Hi , 

    I am trying to use  TX data pulse  to trigger the PLL to generate ramp. As per the design of my application , I need to trigger each and every chirp(ramp) and also change the frequency when needed. 

    It would of great help if some one can answer my doubts…

  • ADF4159 Charge Pump Polarity Issue

    When the polarity is negative, the correct single frequency point can be obtained, but the signal quality is poor; when the polarity is positive, the frequency point falls at the lowest point of the VCO.But my VCO increases in frequency as the voltage…

  • ADF4159 do not start

    Dear Srs.

    We start the project with ADF4159.We send data to registers through SPI as in datasheet.

    DC regimes and levels are Ok.

    But we failed to read anything on maxout.

    What we are doing wrong?