• RE: EVAL-ADF4159

    Eval board should require no more than 500mA. Something like 200 - 300 mA is typical

  • RE: ADF4159 as SFCW

    Also, note that there will be a delay for each frequency step due to the time taken for the SPI writes for the new frequency

  • RE: ADF4159

    On top of what is mentioned in the datasheet, in the ramps and shift keying tab of the ADF4159 software GUI (free download from here) you can see the controls that change the ramp timings. The PFD frequency will change the actual period that the CLK1…

  • RE: Help a total newbie with the adf4159 and the adf4159 Evalboard

    1. Take a look at this video: http://www.analog.com/en/education/education-library/videos/1846356091001.html
    2. Then play with the ADF4159 evaluation board control software: https://ez.analog.com/message/55190

    Let me know if you've questions afterwards…

  • Using ADF4159 for a CW Radar application

    im studying electrical engineering at RWTH Aachen. Right now im doing my master thesis at the Chair of High Frequency Electronics.
    For my thesis I'm going to develop a radar system which will be used for tracking purposes.
    At the moment im trying…
  • RE: ADF4159 Triangular Mode

    Hello Alex

    The customer thinks the frequency chirping and hopping. For example, chirp 5.5GHz <=> 5.6GHz, hop 5.6GHz to 5.7GHz and chirp 5.7GHz <=> 5.8GHz by triangular mode. However, he is beginning to find it difficult to achieve with the…

  • RE: ADF4159 ABP setting.


    Yes there is a way to set the ABP in some of the reserved registers. I will email you some bits to try



  • ADF4159

    What registers do I need to set to use ADF4159 to generate continuous triangular ramps, and how to deal with unused registers, should I also write them into the program?

  • ADF4159

    What is the supported reference crystal input waveform for ADF4159??

    Is there any recommended 100MHz crystal type?