• ADF4159 eval board eeprom

    Hello Everyone. 

    I have the ADF4159 evaluation board, and i have made a custom implementation of it. I want to use the ADF4159 PLL software. The evaluation board uses a Cypress CY7C68013 usb controller to program the registers. The same controller uses…

  • RE: ADF4159 eval onboard eeprom

    The ADF4159 does not have an SDP connector so the previously approved procedure will not work. Please see here for reprogramming EEPROMs using the older Cypress interface board:


  • RE: ADF4159 do not start

    When we programed  N divider  (0x3) then on muxout we have no waveform, when we program Ndevider/2  (0xE) we receive picture with saw form - 1,5 V - picture P1. Frequency is correct.

    On output of  R divider we have signal 0,7V shifted up on 0,8V - picture…

  • RE: ADF4159 Ramp Generation Issue

    Hi, Are you using the default EVB loop filter? You can model how this filter will respond to your programmed sweep using ADIsimPLL. See below link for details on this. The default loop filter may not be suited to the ramp profile you have configured in…

  • RE: Help a total newbie with the adf4159 and the adf4159 Evalboard

    1. Take a look at this video: http://www.analog.com/en/education/education-library/videos/1846356091001.html
    2. Then play with the ADF4159 evaluation board control software: https://ez.analog.com/message/55190

    Let me know if you've questions afterwards…

  • ADF4159

    What is the supported reference crystal input waveform for ADF4159??

    Is there any recommended 100MHz crystal type?

  • ADF4159

    What registers do I need to set to use ADF4159 to generate continuous triangular ramps, and how to deal with unused registers, should I also write them into the program?

  • ADF4159

    May I ask the frequency waveform of the continuous triangular ramp generated by the ADF4159. Whose frequency is the frequency of the vertical axis of the waveform? Is it the FPFD, RFIN, RFOUT, REFIN or other frequencies mentioned in the manual? How to…

  • ADF4159

    If there is any adf4159 ramp program based on stm32f407igt6, I just contacted the chip and need help. How to use txdata, data, CLK, CE, le to generate continuous triangle slopes.

  • RE: Need ADF4159 EVB controller image file

    Hello. Sorry for highjacking this thread.

    A couple of things. i have a bit of a problem also recreating the digital part of the ADF4159 ev board. 
    Searching for this forum i was able to find the following files