• RE: ADF4159


    1) This is caused by the overshoot at the end of a ramp, since there is a large frequency jump made at the end of a ramp(moving from final ramp frequency back to first)

    2) The loop filter can be modified to reduce overshoot at the cost of reduce…

  • ADF4159 interrupt stops sweep until reset


    I am working with ADF4159 configured to generate a continuous triangular ramp. I need to have a possibility of quickly disabling the ramp and enabling it again after some time. I wanted to use the TXDATA interrupt feature configured with R5 DB[27:26…

  • ADF4159

    Hello, i have a project about (radar FMCW), i used the ADF4159, i need some help about the platform of this carte i dont know how to use it, can some one explaine or send to me a guide of this carte ; 

  • RE: Help a total newbie with the adf4159 and the adf4159 Evalboard

    1. Take a look at this video: http://www.analog.com/en/education/education-library/videos/1846356091001.html
    2. Then play with the ADF4159 evaluation board control software: https://ez.analog.com/message/55190

    Let me know if you've questions afterwards…

  • Question about EVAL-ADF4159


    My customer ask some questions about function of REFIN SMA connector.

    She wants to use this connector as other purpose.

    Would you confirm below questions and share your opinions?

    Please refer below questions and let me know your opinions.

  • ADF4159

    What registers do I need to set to use ADF4159 to generate continuous triangular ramps, and how to deal with unused registers, should I also write them into the program?

  • ADF4159

    What is the supported reference crystal input waveform for ADF4159??

    Is there any recommended 100MHz crystal type?

  • ADF4159

    May I ask the frequency waveform of the continuous triangular ramp generated by the ADF4159. Whose frequency is the frequency of the vertical axis of the waveform? Is it the FPFD, RFIN, RFOUT, REFIN or other frequencies mentioned in the manual? How to…

  • ADF4159

    If there is any adf4159 ramp program based on stm32f407igt6, I just contacted the chip and need help. How to use txdata, data, CLK, CE, le to generate continuous triangle slopes.

  • ADF4159

    Can the ADF4159 be used to generate sweep triangles from 7.7 GHz to 8.8 GHz?