• ADF4159 eval board external VCO/16

    I want to lock ADF4159 to an external VCO. The board is set up to VCO/2 but my VCO RF output is VCO/16. Is it possible to set up ADF4159 eval board to lock with my VCO? What registers do I need to change?

  • in the ADF4159+ADF5901,who decide the VCO’s frequency ?

    We use ADF4159 and ADF5901 to produce RF signal.In ADF4159 datasheet,we can set register to set vco’s frequency,and In ADF5901 datasheet,we can set register to set vco’s frequency.the question is:if in the ADF4159+ADF5901,we set different VCO’s frequency…

  • Lock detect of ADF4159


    I saw "AN-873" Application Note about structure of Lock Detect in PLL IC's ,I need this information about ADF4159. Is there similar Application Note for ADF4159 or Does this Application Note also applies to ADF4159?


  • ADF4159

    What is the supported reference crystal input waveform for ADF4159??

    Is there any recommended 100MHz crystal type?

  • ADF4159

    Can the ADF4159 be used to generate sweep triangles from 7.7 GHz to 8.8 GHz?

  • adf4159

    The data sheet for the ADF4159 specifies AIdd, DIdd, and Ip power supply currents for Fpdf = 110 MHz.

    Do these scale with the Fpfd value? Is data available for the device current usage vs. Fpfd?

    Thank you.

  • what is the meaning of DIGITAL LOCK DETECT in the R0 of adf4159?

    we set MUXOUT is DIGITAL LOCK DETECT in R0.if adf4159 is not lock,the MUXOUT is 0?similarly,if adf4159 is locked,the MUXOUT is 1?

  • RE: some questions about ADF5901 and ADF4159

    So if i use ADF4159 with ADF5901. the R-DIVIDER and N-DIVIDER in ADF4159 and ADF5901 should be set the same.

  • RE: ADF5901 is not work at the right  frequency ?

    Hi Hawk,

    Can you please send me the .pll file that you used for the ADF4159 loop filter...

    with reference to fig 31 in the ADF5901 datasheet, is your connection to the ADF4159 similar ?

    both the ADF4159  and the ADF5901 should be connected to the same…