• ADF4158 PLL Software

    I am working with ADF4158 Evaluation board. I just downloaded a newer version of ADF41589 PLL software (Revision 4.9.0). The main controls section Register 4 doesn't allow me to choose a CLK2 Div value of less than 2. The datasheet doesn't mention any…

  • Synchronizing ADF4158


    I am currently looking for synchronizing my evaluation board ADF4158 with my acquisition board, but I don't see any signal fitting my requirement: I generate a ramp of frequency, and would like to trigger at start of the ramp, and not on each…

  • ADF4158 Issues

    Even After Several attempts, I was not able to run the ADF4158 PLL, using the SPI interface. I have done inhouse fabrication and as specified by the data sheet I have done my connections. Are there any issues with the SPI lines or I have to add one more…

  • adf4158 timer


    I am currently using the ADF4158 to generate continuous sawtooth ramp.

    To post process my data, I need to be sure ot the different timings in my frequency ramp.

    As I simulate the data I computed in ADSIMPLL, I do not understand something:

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  • frequency sweep with ADF4158


    I am evaluating ADF4158 and I am working with its evaluation board. I need to generate a frequency sweep with vco input signal

    having a triangle shape (or as close as possible to that shape). With frequency sweeps below  21 us, the shape I get…

  • ADF4158 power down issue

    Hi all,

    we are using the adf4158 in a fmcw radar application 76-77Ghz.

    Once the registers of the component are initialized, the application works fine and no issues are ever happened, but if a power down (software ) is requested to the adf4158, it is…

  • Question about ADF4158

    • What is the principle of using ADF4158 RADAR in FMCW

    • my hardware:
    • ADF4158:refin=30MHZ  RADAR:24GHZ~24.25GHZ
    • ADF4158 PIN CP connect RADAR VCO
    • VCO tuning voltage: 0,5v~ 24Ghz,3.1V~24.25Ghz
    • How to make ADF4158 cp terminal voltage meet the requirements…

  • ADF4158 external synchronization

    I am using the ADF4158 on his eval board with the supplied software.

    Ramp mode is configured as "Continuous triangular".

    As the goal is to synchronize the ramps of two ADF4158 devices:

    1-Can I acces a timing pulse (at the end of each ramp…

  • ADF4158 FSK Settings


    I am using the ADF4158 on evaluation board with the ADF4158/9 PLL software .

    I want to design a waveform with FSK modulation and have simulated in ADIsimPLL, but I don't  know how to realize the settings in ADF4158/9 PLL software, and the FSK configuration…