• Question about ADF4158

    • What is the principle of using ADF4158 RADAR in FMCW

    • my hardware:
    • ADF4158:refin=30MHZ  RADAR:24GHZ~24.25GHZ
    • ADF4158 PIN CP connect RADAR VCO
    • VCO tuning voltage: 0,5v~ 24Ghz,3.1V~24.25Ghz
    • How to make ADF4158 cp terminal voltage meet the requirements…

  • RE: ADF4158 FMCW Configuration

    Hello ,

    Can you please send me your ADF4158 configuration using the adf4158 eval GUI? for both the main controls and the Ramp and Shift Keying tabs?

    Your mail is not clear regarding how you have configured the ADF4158 ? thanks Brigid,

  • ADF4158 external synchronization

    I am using the ADF4158 on his eval board with the supplied software.

    Ramp mode is configured as "Continuous triangular".

    As the goal is to synchronize the ramps of two ADF4158 devices:

    1-Can I acces a timing pulse (at the end of each ramp…

  • RE: ADF4159 - Example of a staircase waveform

    When you program the ADF4158 with the evaluation board control software, they are significant delays between clicking write button and the SPI signal being received by the ADF4158 (computer processing, computer delay, USB delay, microcontroller delay…

  • How Will the ADF4158 sweep period and the ADC sample clock synchronization ?


    Google translation:

    How Will the ADF4158 sweep period and the ADC sample clock synchronization ? ADF4158 and ADC share crystal tried not synchronized ? How can we solve ?

  • RE: Query about ADF4157 Sweeping Frequency

    It looks like there is no fix for this on the ADF4157. The very similar ADF4158 has this bug fixed - you use R4[31] to turn it off.

    The ADF4158 also has built in ramp functionality. You just program the part once and it will repeatedly output your desired…

  • ADF4158

    Hello, I have also done a frequency synthesizer, the core chip is ADF4158, and the control part is also used CY7C68013A, want to use the evaluation software to debug, how to deal with? What drivers are you downloading? Does the program need to be modified…

  • ADF4158


    I need Chirp generator, so look into ADF4158.

    Have some questions.

    1. What is the upper and lower limit for ramp duration ? (I want to control ramp duration)

    2. How fast can I sweep frequency? (=delta F/delta T)

    3. Can I get fre-time characteristic…

  • ADF4158

    Dear Sir
       I want to generate delay between ramps for clipped triangular mode signal use ADF4158, but I can not find which is register? 

                           thank you !

  • Can you extract the schematic from ADIsimPLL and use it in LTSpice?

    I can't find a spice model of the ADF4158. I would like to use this schematic in LTSpice so I can build a circuit using the ADF4158.