• ADF4158


  • ADF4158


    Im testing An ADF4158 Evaluation Board

    While I testing the frequency 5.8 GHz (default) then a frequency of 5.7 GHz appears on the analyzer spectrum

    Someone has encountered a problem or knows how to solve it??

  • adf4158 muxout

    I'm using ADF4158 in my FMCW radar and tring to generate a continous sawtooth waveform.And I am sure the SPI writing timing meets the requirements in the datasheet.But the time may be more longer than the datasheet given out.For example, the LE set up…

  • ADF4158

    Dear Sir
       I want to generate delay between ramps for clipped triangular mode signal use ADF4158, but I can not find which is register? 

                           thank you !

  • ADF4158 MUXOUT

    Hi all,

    It seems that two types of DIVIDER output can be selected for the MUXOUT of the ADF4158.


    question 1
    Is the understanding of the following signals correct…

  • ADF4158


    I need Chirp generator, so look into ADF4158.

    Have some questions.

    1. What is the upper and lower limit for ramp duration ? (I want to control ramp duration)

    2. How fast can I sweep frequency? (=delta F/delta T)

    3. Can I get fre-time characteristic…

  • ADF4158

    Hello, I have also done a frequency synthesizer, the core chip is ADF4158, and the control part is also used CY7C68013A, want to use the evaluation software to debug, how to deal with? What drivers are you downloading? Does the program need to be modified…

  • ADF4158 Muxout decode

    ADF4158 Muxout decode

    How does one decode the Muxout when this is set to output i.e. the N-conter value? I can see a bit pattern on the scope or logic analyzer, but how do I know where the start of the word is? Do I use latch enable as trigger? How many…

  • ADF4158 FSK

    Hey, what's the maximum bit rate of the FSK signal input from the Tx-DATA pin of ADF4158? If it can reach about 3Mbit, will it be necessary to increase the loop bandwidth to more than 3M? In this way, spectrum spurious will appear. How to solve spurious…

  • ADF4158 configuration


    I have looked at the source code of the c# application software and I have seen the following code

    for (int i = 0; i < 4; i++)
    buffer[i] = (byte)(data >> (i * 8));

    buffer[4] = 32;
    buffer_length = 5;

    Is that is needed for EVERY register…