• RE: Generate accurate 115.1859375MHz frequency

    You should also look at the ADF4157. The ADF4157 has a 25 bit modulus which, for a 10 MHz PFD frequency, give you an output resolution of 0.298 Hz. This should be enough to get your exact frequency.

    The minimum RF input of the ADF4157 is 500 MHz. However…

  • ADF4157 problem


    I used ADF4157(fractional mode) with OP27 to control the VCO(DCMO190410)

    I found that some noise were running on the Fout(desired frequency) its like modulated signal.

    my design rule  as below

    loop bandwidth=40KHz

    phase margin =45 degree


  • ADF4157 and ADIsimPLL

    I just downloaded the REV A specification for the ADF4157. I see it has a fast  lock mode along with the CSR. It does not appear that ADIsimPLL 3.1 supports the  ADF4157 in fast lock mode. Is this true or am I missing something  here?

  • User Guide of ADF4157 EVB

    Hi there,

    Good day!

    Is there any user guide of ADF4157 EVB available, which is similar to ADF4158’s UG-123?

    Moreover, I also wonder whether ADF4157 EVB is using USB interface to PC.

    Thanks in advance for your great help!



  • ADF4157用于高分辨率应用


  • RE: ADF4350 minimum channel spacing and freq error

    I don't think the ADF4350 is suitable on it's own for this application.

    A channel spacing of 20 Hz requires 80 kHz PFD frequency which is possible but will degrade in-band phase noise (because of the high N value). We offer an ADF4157 stand alone…

  • RE: ADF4157 Phase Issue

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  • RE: ADF4157 Channel Spacing

    The ADF4153 is also pin-compatible with the ADF4106.

    If you can use a higher PFD frequency, you should because this will improve your phase noise. You can use ADIsimPLL to compare the performance of various PFD frequencies. Free download here: www.analog…

  • Using ADF4157 at 6.3 GHz

    Noted that the ADF4157 datasheet is specified only to 6GHz.  I would like to use this chip with an external 6.3GHz VCO for a room temperature application.   Is there any reason this chip will not fucntion in this application?  If so, what are they besides…

  • RE: ADF4150HV - 2 channels have the same hex values

    You can lower your PFD frequency using the R counter. However, this will degrade your phase noise performance. You can simulate the system, and the phase noise, in ADIsimPLL. Free download: www.analog.com/adisimpll

    The ADF4157 Vp is up to 5.5 V. You…