• ADF4156 start-up voltage


    I'm a DFAE in Japan. The customer wants to start up ADF4156 at the lowest possible voltage due to his system issue.
    According to the specifications, it is 2.7V to 3.3V, but what is the voltage of VDD when the IC starts up? Is it 2V, 1V or any voltage…

  • ADF4156

    I wonder what is the Frequency Switching Time of  ADF 4156 and what is the max hop rate


  • RE: ADF4156内部寄存器



  • ADF4156 eval. board


    I'm about purchasing ADF4156 evaluation board for evaluation purposes. I found it on avnet.com as the link here: http://avnetexpress.avnet.com/store/em/EMController?langId=-1&storeId=500201&catalogId=500201&action=products&N=0&mfr=ANA&term…

  • ADF4156 muxout question

    What is the state of the "muxout" output on the ADF4156 after power up?  Is it tristated or does it default to something else?

  • ADF4156 phase resync

    ADF4156 Phase Resync Operation

    I am having a problem that the output phase can only keep its relation to
    the ref phase for about one minute after phase resync operation. How can I
    make sure the phase relation is matched all the time? I followed the

  • RFinput for ADF4154, ADF4156


    I'm a DFAE in Japan. The customer is thinking of adopting ADF4154 or ADF4156, but he wants to use the input frequency at 78MHz. In this case, is it possible to operate at the low frequency if the slew rate is kept at 400V / µs?


  • ADF4156 eval. board question


    I'm about purchasing a ADF4156 eval. board for evaluation purposes. I found this eval. board here : http://avnetexpress.avnet.com/store/em/EMController?langId=-1&storeId=500201&catalogId=500201&action=products&N=0&mfr=ANA&term=EV-ADF4156S…

  • ADF4156 writing to the registers


    On the ADF4156,  how long at minimum do you have to wait before you can

    start writing to the registers right after power-up?




  • ADF4156快速锁定问题

    请教一个ADF4156的问题。ADF4156的文档说明:要使用Cycle Slip Reduction Mode来提高锁定速度“CSR cannot be used if the phase detector polarity is set to negative.“。控制宽带的VCO的使用需要加运放,这时如果把phase detector polarity set to negative,就不能用CSR功能。能否把极性设置为正,用两个运放反相的运放?一个做反相放大,一个做反相环路滤波器?