• RE: Spurious noise on ADF4159 PLL

    Thanks rbrennan for your explanation,

    I think to change for ADF5355 for its higher frequency than ADF4155.

    But, has it the same architecture like ADF4155 (without wandering spurs) ?

  • About setting of N counter of ADF4155

    It is a question about ADF4155.
    Perhaps this might be a stupid question for you, I apologize in advance.

    I read the datasheet.(Data Sheet ADF4155 Rev. 0)

    I caught on the explanation…

  • ADF4155 Int-N Mode

    Hi ADI people,

    Unlike ADF4159, there is no explicit control bit to disable the Σ-Δ modulator in ADF4155. Can ADF4155 be operated in true int-N mode? In the datasheet, it says: "If FRAC1 and FRAC2 = 0, the synthesizer operates in integer-N mode"…

  • RE: ADF4155 Eval software complaint...

    Thanks - at least that explains it - I though that the MFC libraries would handle that automagically, but it's been years since I looked into MFC / Visual C++ programming.

    We pretty much got the SW working to perform the evaluation for the design…

  • ADF4155 Σ-Δ Reset


    Could Σ-Δ Reset feature be available for ADF4155 like ADF4159 has (DB14 in R3)?



  • RE: ADF4151 intermittent elongated lock time problem

    Currently released parts that have this function:

  • RE: ADF4155 IBS Characteristics

    Hello ,

    This wide band sweep was performed using the ADF4350 as the VCO and a REFIN = 122.88MHz. I don't have details on the schematic other than that we would have used the ADF4350 evaluation board configured in VCO mode and used a dedicated separate…

  • ADF4159 and ADF4155 Cycle Slip Reduction Differences


    ADF4159 contains following sentence in the datasheet (page #17): "The cycle slip reduction feature can be used only when the phase detector polarity setting is positive (Bit DB6 = 1 in Register R3). CSR cannot be used if the phase detector polarity…

  • ADF4155 register settings

    Programming the ADF4155.

    Using the register maps in the ADF4155 data sheet to calculate the required setting; the results all agree with the settings generated by the Eval Software except for register 6.This show a discrepancy that appears due to the…

  • Leakage Current in ADIsimPLL

    ADI PLL team,

    What should I put for Phase Detector Leakage setting in ADIsimPLL? I am using ADF4155. According to ADF4351 leakage current, the leakage current of ADI PLL ICs are around ±1 nA. Is this true for ADF4155?

    What happens if there is an OPAMP…