• ADF4153A Programming question


    I had a question about how to program registers 2 and 3. The data sheet say "Data is clocked into the 24-bit shift register on each rising edge of CLK."

    R0 and R1 are 24 bits long. Programming those two registers seems straight forward…

  • ADF4153A做PLL进行跳频,Vtune上出现毛刺




  • What is the purpose of RFinB in ADF4153A PLL ?

    Hello, I would like to know the differences between RFinA and RFinB input in the ADF4153A PLL.

    I've read that RFinB must be grounded (via a bypass capacitor) when using single-ended applicaiton but I don't understand what it means.

    Is it possible…

  • MUXOUT pin state of ADF4153A


    My customer has some questions about MUXOUT state of ADF4153A before register setting.

      1. What is MUXOUT state of ADF4153A before register setting after power-on ? Please explain why

      2. Is it possible to determine if ADF4153 is defective using the a…

  • ADF4153A failure in power on-off test


    My customer is using ADF4153A as the following conditions:

        REF_IN: 10MHz / External_VCO: 608MHz / PFD_freq: 5MHz / CH spc.:500KHz

    There is no problems in a normal state.

    When the customer test the repeated power on-off, ADF4153A is occurred…

  • ADF4153 Vs ADF4153A


    Can you advise what are the differences between ADF4153 & ADF4153A?

    These parts are functional & pin to pin compatible, however the package looks a bit different.

    The SW is also the same.

    Are the difference performance wise?


  • RE: ADF4153, ADF4153A, ADF4154, ADF4156 and ADF4157 Software

    v4.5.0 source code attached.

    Information on editing here: https://ez.analog.com/message/52311

  • ADF4153A Refin type

    Possibly a basic questions but I'm trying to determine the type of clock I can use for the Refin on an ADF4153A.  The data sheets states that it is a CMOS input or AC coupled with threshold of VDD/2.  if my VDD is 3V can I run this with an AC-coupled…

  • RE: Tunable Bandpass filter for the AD8362 input


    Following your design idea, and to keep the cost down, as im only looking for the presence of the signals and nothing more, could i use a

    ADF4153A or ADF4350


    and a ADL5501?