• RE: About ADF41513

    It is quite difficult to predict fractional-N spurs. Even our simulation software, ADIsimPLL, can only predict worst case frac spurs. They will often be at a low level and below the noise floor but of course can be more prominent. Using a higher order…

  • ADF41513 MUXOUT

    Hi, guys

    Is there any data to show the highest output frequency supported by muxout pin of ADF41513?

  • Gerbers for EVAL-ADF41513


    Do you have design files/Gerbers available for the EVAL-ADF41513? I've looked through the product pages and didn't see anything available. 


    Mike - DFAE

  • ADF41513 spur question

    Hi, ADI PLL expert

    One of my customer plan to use ADF41513 in their new project, but when customer read the datasheet, They got confused about the Spur performance of Figure12 & Figure13.

    1. The test condition of Figure 12 & 13 is 100Mhz PFD & 100Mhz…

  • ADF41513 input impedance


    I would like to ask whether the REFIN and RFIN pins of the ADF41513 PFD are 50inputs or if there are external resistors needed to match the inputs to a 50Ω transmission line.

    Regards, Simon Fuchs

  • Board Size EVAL-ADF41513

    Could you please tell me the size of EVAL-ADF41513?

    My customer is trying to use them in a box.
    I was asked a question about board size.

  • ADF41513 (PLL) + HMC8364 HMC


    I have recently purchased a HMC8364 VCO and a ADF41513 PLL as it is recommended from Analog Devices.

    Additionally, for the PLL the required/suggested evaluation board EV-ADF41513SD1Z is used.I successfully connected the VCO with the PLL and using…

  • ADF41513 S-Parameters for RFINA/RFINB

    Are there any s-parameters for the ADF41513 RFINA.  Or an equivalent circuit.

    I am trying to do a linear simulation from 10-20GHz of my circuit which includes the ADF41513 connected to a 3dB splitter (EP2K+ as per the ADF41513 EVB) and having the s-parameters…

  • ADF41513 + HMC733 out of band spurs


    I am using ADF41513 with HMC733 as my LO in my system. I noticed that there will be a fixed spurs at 5.7GHz to 6.2GHz with 100MHz spacing (my reference freq) regardless of my LO change from 10GHz to 20GHz.

    See below photo:

    1. Is the ADF41513 evaluation…

  • ADF41513 prescaler spurs out of Band

    Hi AD experts,

    I would like to use the ADF41513 with the VCO HMC733 with a PDF of 50MHz. The prescaler will be set up at 8.

    There should have spurs at nF0/8 (with n = 1 to ...) which should leak from RFin. Do you know their level?