• ADF4150HV

    I'd like to evaluate the 'boost' mode on the ADF4150HV. The eval software that came with the eval board does not seem to support this register function. Is there new software available that allows the mode to be enabled?

  • ADF4150HV RF input sensitivity


    There is no graph of RF Input Sensitivity in the datasheet of ADF4150HV.

    It seems to be described in the datasheet of ADF4150.

    Is it possible to use the ADF4150 data for the RF Input Sensitivity of the ADF4150HV?

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  • Comment on FAQ: Why use a PLL architecture that supports High Voltage VCOs?

    Operating outside of the datasheet limits can damage the part.

    The ADF4150HV would suit your application better. It is a similar part but it has a charge pump supply voltage from 6 V to 30 V: http://www.analog.com/adf4150hv

  • Comment on FAQ: Why use a PLL architecture that supports High Voltage VCOs?

    Dear App. Eng,

    I checked datasheet of proposed ADF4150HV, it seems would be a very useful part for our application.

    I have received a samples from ADI.

    I worked on 140...320MHz VCO (4 band pretuned) last two week, Prototype on PCB would be ready…

  • EVAL-ADF4150HV and AD9912/PCBZ Source Codes


    I am working on AD9912 and ADF4150HV and I'm going to integrate the two using only one USB microcontroller. Please be so kind to provide a copy of all available source codes for EVAL-ADF4150HV and AD9912/PCBZ.

    email: aishamagayoong@yahoo.c…

  • RE: ADF4150HV evaluation board

    It sounds like the board may be damaged. Can you use a multimeter to check that the voltages at each of the ADF4150HV supply pins are as expected.

  • RE: 关于adf4169与adf4150hv的选择

    推荐ADF4169, ADF4150HV不支持这个功能

  • RE: Differences between ADF4151 and ADF4150

    The ADF4150HV was released last year and it is in production. Please contact directly ADI representative to get a quote on the parts or if you are interested in the samples.

  • ADF4150HV Ref clock input


    Can the ADF4150HV work with an input ref clock which is TXCO with clipped sine wave?



  • RE: ADF4150HV RFOUT pin impedance


    I’m afraid we do not have the S-parameters measurement results for ADF4150HV available at the moment. The only help I can offer now is the S-parameters results for ADF4150 (attached files for measurements with output power -1 dBm, -4 dBm and…