• RE: How to tune a loop filter for ADF4150HV operated with HMC739


    I've had a look through the settings that you have sent. From what I can see, R counter has been set incorrectly. You have set Reference Divider = 1 (register 2 bit 24) and R counter = 10 in your configuration. This would result in Fpfd = 1.25MHz…

  • ADF4150HV

    I'd like to evaluate the 'boost' mode on the ADF4150HV. The eval software that came with the eval board does not seem to support this register function. Is there new software available that allows the mode to be enabled?

  • ADF4150HV Minimum Rset


    In my ADF4150HV application I would like to use lower values of Rset than the datasheet recommends, so I would like to understand the reasons behind the recommended limits. If it's a power / current rating / reliability issue then obviously I can…

  • ADF4150HV Lock Detect Intermittent

    I have an application using an ADF4150HV. I'm using the digital lock detect provided by the chip.  I find that the digital lock detect does not always go high, even though the VCO seems to be locked.

    I am programming the following settings to the…

  • ADF4150HV RF input sensitivity


    There is no graph of RF Input Sensitivity in the datasheet of ADF4150HV.

    It seems to be described in the datasheet of ADF4150.

    Is it possible to use the ADF4150 data for the RF Input Sensitivity of the ADF4150HV?

    Best Regards,

  • ADF4150HV evaluation board


    One of my customers are using this eval board, and they got a current of .5A on 5V.

    The board in under a month in usage, and we don't believe this normal.

    Please advise.



  • ADF4150HV Ref clock input


    Can the ADF4150HV work with an input ref clock which is TXCO with clipped sine wave?



  • ADF4150HV EVAL board configuration

    Using the ADF4150HV eval board with default 25Mhz reference frequency what how would I configure the frac-N / Mod to get a 2.048MHz output frequency from the MUXOUT port?

  • ADF4150HV low frequency generation

    I'm trying to use ADF4150HV evaluation board to generate frequencies in 100 MHz to 2 GHz range. The datasheet says you can generate a min frequency of 62.5 MHz but the VCO only works in 1 GHz to 2 GHz range. How do I achieve low frequencies?

  • ADF4150HV RFOUT pin impedance


    I'm planning to use the ADF4150HV in my application - I have the evaluation board and it's all looking good so far.

    However, I'll need to filter the device output and to design the filter properly I need to know the output impedance…