• ADF4150

    How to set output divider of ADF4150 to disable?

  • RE: Differences between ADF4151 and ADF4150


    As you noticed, the first obvious difference is the package: ADF4151 is in 32-pin LFCSP package, while ADF4150 is in 24-pin LFCSP package.

    There is also a difference between the parts in the way the RF signal can be obtained from the PLL -  ADF4150…

  • RE: Clocking the AD9789: ADF4150 + ADCLK914 or ADF4150 alone?


    You can use ADF4150 to drive clock inputs of the DAC, as this part has the same output stage as ADF4350.


    Grzegorz Wawrzola

  • ADF4150 Software

    The latest software for ADF4150 evaluation board (ver. 3.0) is attached.

    This software runs on Windows XP and later versions.

    Installation procedure:

    1. Disconnect any evaluation board

    2. Download and run the attached installer

    For steps 3 to 5…

  • RE: what is the Phase Noise and Spurious performance between ADF4150 and ADF4151 ? which one is better? I planned to use upto 3GHz...

    Hi Grzegorz,

    But the Spurious Signals Due to PFD Frequency is higher -75dBc (RF OP buffers) in ADF4150 whereas ADF4151 has -107dBc. In ADF4150 is it possible to improve this externally ? or will it affect the output phase noise performance from 10Hz…

  • RE: ADF4150HV - 2 channels have the same hex values

    Yes, I'm using ADF4150 Family software.

    Here is the snapshot:

  • RE: ADF4150HV RFOUT pin impedance


    I’m afraid we do not have the S-parameters measurement results for ADF4150HV available at the moment. The only help I can offer now is the S-parameters results for ADF4150 (attached files for measurements with output power -1 dBm, -4 dBm and…

  • RE: ADF4150 programming library

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  • RE: ADF4150 phase resync


    To keep the phase resync working, the modulus has to be different than zero.

    For the channels where the output  frequency is an exact integer multiple of the reference frequency, only the fractional has to be set to zero, while the value of modulus…

  • ADF4150 charge pump current!

    We are using ADF4150BCPZ (part number adf4150 #1121 31984)

    We want to control charge pump current value. In order to do this we write value "10007F82" to the Register2. Then we update the chip with the Register0 changing. We detect the current changing…