• ADF4116 CE function


    In Pin Function Descriptions in datasheet, it explains about CE pin.

    When  this pin goes low, it says, "puts the charge pump output into three-state mode".

    Could you explain what "three-state mode" is?

    I couldn't find explanations…

  • ADF4116

    Hello, i'm tryng to use a microcontroller to set an adf4116;

    i have calculate my register value using INT-N PLL software, i load by a my sPI routine the N,R,FL register but not have any result...

    Mi Spi is configure to have qa clock og 5 MHz …

  • ADF4116 hold CP voltage


    I'm using ADF416 with 10M REF. I want to hold CP voltage when 10M REF is off.

    Do you know any function to hold CP voltage when  this IC is unlocked?

    Some system on and off 10M REF. So I want hold CP voltage while10M is off.

    Best Regards,

  • ADF4116 Loop Filter Designing

    Need help to design or change the loop filter for adf4116. i.e if I want a loop filter for 200MHz-300MHz frequency band, what value of capacitor and resister and other component should I set or is there any software for designing the loop filter for ADF4116…

  • ADF4116 fractional N calculations?

    what is the maximum count of N counter in ADF4116??

  • ADF4116 and "Delay" and "Sync" bits


    for ADF4116 registers calculation I am using an "Analog Devices Int-N PLL Software" v7.4.3 application. 

    On "Main Control" window there is mention of two bits "Delay" and "Sync".

    Changes of these bits…

  • ADF4116 Initialization Latch Method


    Our customer have a question.

    Q : When using the Initialization Latch Method, is it necessary that the Initialization Latch register and the function latch register be the same?


    If different setting, execution of the initialization latch method…

  • RE: LMX2364TM replacement

    Does ADF4116 can replace LMX2306 completely, including the software parameter configuration (the same control word)?

  • ADI PLL Int-N v7 software

    This software supports:

    ADF4001, ADF4002, ADF4106, ADF4107, ADF4108, ADF41020, ADF4110, ADF4111, ADF4112, ADF4113, ADF4113HV, ADF4116, ADF4117 and ADF4118.

    Operating systems: Windows XP, Vista and 7 (32 and 64 bit) compatible.

    Connection method: CyUSB…

  • RE: Query on ADF4118

    Can i provide supplies of Dvdd 3.3V and Avdd 5V ?

    Can i provide supplies of Dvdd 3.3V and Avdd of 5V to ADF4116 and

    ADF4118 ?