• ADF4108S

    Hi all,

    I am currently looking for a complete PLL for a space application and the phase comparator ADF4108S may be a good option.

    On the main page of the component, the discussion section refers to the ADF4108, is it the equivalent of the ADF4108 in…

  • ADF4108 Eval Board filter


    The datasheet for the ADF4108 eval board shows a schematic, but the schamic is using the ADF4107. It shows placeholders for values for the loop filter. The Bill of material shows values - but is it correct for the DF4108 or for the ADF4108.


  • ADF4108 PLL design

    Dear Team,

    Currently, we are developing the prototype for the space grade frequency synthesizer using ADF4108 which is the commercial equivalent of ADF4108S. We have bought the ADF4108 Eval Board and tested the synthesizer output as per our configuration…

  • RE: Adding EEPROM Fixed Frequency Memory to Synthesizers

    Hi Andy,

    The PN to start with is the ADF4108...Bill

  • ADF4108 REFin Characteristic Question

    Hi I have a question regarding ADF4108 REFin since I assumed that it can handle 10 MHz without additional requirements. I have since found out from the datasheet of the ADF4108 that for a 10 MHz REFin input, the Slew Rate must be greater than 50V/uS.

  • RE: testing ADF4108 evaluation board

    There is a quick start guide in the ADF4108 evaluation board user guide: http://www.analog.com/adf4108

    The VCO on the ADF4108 has a 8 GHz output. It also has a divide-by-2 output at 4 GHz. These are both too high frequency for your spectrum analyzer…

  • What are the formulas used in ADIsimPLL (version 4.3) to calculate the different components in an active loop filter? Same question goes for the calculation of the bandwidth of an active loop filter PLL setup. Many thanks.

    This is the active loop filter design used in the PLL setup with an ADF4108.


  • ADF4108 Not Locking

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm testing my ADF4108 based design, I am using a Synergy Microwave VCO that works up to 8GHz and I want to generate signals in the frequency range near 7400 MHz.

    I am using a 20 MHz TCXO as a REF_IN clock and a passive filter loop designed…

  • RE: Multiple EVAL-ADF4XXXZ-USB support?

    We are using two ADF4108 evaluation boards. I can't find any documentation about the PID on the board.

  • RE: ADF4108 Jitter Issue

    Hello  Rykken,

    There is a relationship between the system bit-error-rate ( BER) and the ratio of the carrier to the sytem noise (C/N) as well as the ratio of the carrier to the interferer ( unwanted spur ) level C/I. With regard to the performance of…