• Query about ADF4107's SPI port

    Hi, there

    I have some test on ADF4107 these days and find some interesting things.

    When ADF4107 locks well, I set any one of SPI port high - CLK, LE, SDI. Then power off ADF4107, the one of SPI is still high.

    After a while, ADF4107 powered on, the…

  • How to control multiple sets of SDP-S + EVAL-4017 simultaneously with software ADI PLL Int-N?


    We are using the software, ADI PLL Int-N, to upload the parameters to an EVAL-ADF4107 board via a SDP-S motherboard. However, we are working with 4 sets of SDP-S + EVAL-ADF4107 systems and 1 set of SDP-S + EVAL-ADF4110 simultaneously. Currently, when…
  • ADF4107 EVB

    What the full P/N for ADF4107 EVB, which not stated in website?

    Can I use EVAL-ADF411XEB1? it means I need to solder the ADF4107 on this EVB?

    kindly share the document for ADF4107 EVB if any.

  • RE: LO generation for direct up/down conversion


    Using ADF4107 can i generate LO for S-band to C- Band?

    or what is the minimum LO Can i generate using ADF4107?


    J S Hyanki

  • RE: ADF4107 programming

    Assuming your Arduino has a standard SPI output, it is fine. The ADF4107 has a standard 3-wire (LE, DATA, CLK) SPI interface so anything that can write the required signals is good. See Figure 2 of the ADF4107 datasheet for the required SPI waveform.…

  • phase noise differences between the ADF4007 and the ADF4107

    The ADF4107 has better normalized noise floor spec than the ADF4007, but worse plot results.                                                                             

    ADF4007                              ADF4107

    Normalized Noise Floor                                

    -219dBc/Hz                         -223dBc/Hz


    -100dBc/Hz (Fig.4)           -85dBc/Hz (Fig.11)


  • Replacement ADF4107

    I have a design for control a 1Ghz VCO with an ADF4701.

    The reference input is 10Mhz. But I want to replace it

    for a PLL with better specs. Eg. better S/N performance.

    Anyone a suggestion?

  • ADF4107 problems


    I scoured through the forum posts about this PLL but still couldn't solve my problems with the IC.

    I am using it with a 50MHz quartz oscillator and my own microwave VCO (2.75-3.3GHz).
    I am programming the PLL with an Arduino board and tried to…
  • ADF4107 programing


    We are programing ADF4107 with USB board (Green) ,But on the 25 pin output of the Board we can't get the CLK signal . we only get the Data signal . Anyone could help ?