• ADF4106 output frequency


       Could ADF4106 to control a vco to generator 155MHz?How can I do? I want to generator 155MHz, can you recommend a device with lower phase?

       Thank you,

        best regards.

  • ADF4106 flicker noise

    Currently designing a multiloop synthesizer using three ADF4106 ICs.   I've modeled the various noise sources, except for the 1/f noise specd for the 4106.     Is this noise present on the feedback and reference counter inputs, since it appears to be independent…

  • Measurement of parameters ADF4106


    Our customer would like to verify some datasheet parameters for IC ADF4106BRUZ.
    Please advise the test circuit diagram for verification the RF input's S11 parameters, according to figure 5 on page 8 of the datasheet rev. F. And Charge Pump Output…

  • ADF4106 programming issues


    I am facing problems programming ADF4106.

    I followed "Initialization Latch Method" (data sheet p.18), i.e.

    1) applied V_d and V_p

    2) programmed REG3 (with F1=0)

    3) programmed REG2 (with F1=0)

    4) programmed REG0

    5) programmed REG1.


  • Questions about ADF4106


    Q1. How do I use three method , Initialization Latch, CE pin method and Counter reset method, separately ?

    Q2. How long should I take the interval of times to program between one latch and another latch ?



  • REFin drive of ADF4106

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We have some questions about REFin-drive of ADF4106 PLL Synthesizer.

    We are using SG-310SCN CMOS-output OSC for REFin.
    Pls refer to attached file.

    1.Which of the drive-circuit Case1 and Case2 do you recommend?. below,


  • Drivers for SDP-S and ADF4106

    Can someone send me a link to the drivers for the SDP-S and ADF4106?

  • Question about ADF4106 in ADIsimPLL

    Hello !

    I have a question about an error in ADIsimPLL.

    I'm now designing an integer-N PLL to synthesize 50 MHz to 800 MHz.

    Simply, when I use internal prescaler, I should set division ratio to 16.

    However, when I try to use ADF4106 in ADIsimPLL…

  • ADF4106 Digital lock detect problem

    My pll setting value:

    Fout: 1 Ghz
    Reference frequency: 100MHz

    Register setting value :

    1. Reference counter Latch Map – 0x000010
    2. AB Counter Latch Map – 0x000501
    3. Function Latch Map – 0x1F8092
    4. Initialization Latch Map – 0x1F8093

    When unlock…

  • ADF4106 Simulation Register Settings vs Reality

    Using both  ADIsimPLL and the on-line interactive design tool (  http://designtools.analog.com/dt/rfpll/adf411X.html ) trying to produce a VCO Freq of 5.767 GHz, 25kHz channel spacing, 20MHz clock (on the interactive tool, screenshot attached).

    After changing…