I am trying to design a PCB using  ADF4106 PLL. I will be providing the 10MHz REFIN. I need to generate 40MHz output from this design. In the Evaluation module, they have used CVSS-945-100.000 for generating 100MHz. 

    I will be using the same reference design…

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    1.我选用-150dBc@1kHz的100MHz晶振,我的ADF4106输出1.7GHz的相噪最好能达到多少(@1kHz);ADF4106d的Normalized Phase Noise Floor

    –223  dBc/Hz typ  (PLL loop B/W = 500 kHz, measured at 100 kHz offset)。

    2.ADF4106数据手册中第四页 PN SYNTH  = PNTOT  − 10 log F PFD  − 20 log N. ,其中 PNTOT 是多少?

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    I am designing a pll using ADF4106. Plz tell me how to program it using PIC18F4550.



  • ADF4106

    ADF4106数据手册中第四页 PN SYNTH  = PNTOT  − 10 log PFD  − 20 log N.

    PFD=100MHz,N=17,PN SYNTH=-223,计算得到 PNTOT=118.

    当选晶振100MHz ,相噪150dBc@1kHz时请问我的输出相噪最高能到多少@1kHz

  • Regarding ADF4106

    Hi all

    I am working with ADF4106 to realize a 2.28GHz Local Oscillator.I have its evaluation borad as well which has its evaluation software..

    I am providing a 10MHz reference and using a 2.28GHz VCO in the system.How to use the software to enable the…

  • Programming ADF4106


    I can not get my PLL work, I believe it is because of not correctly programming ADF4106, please confirm the below words are correct for initiating and setting 1030 MHz. Here are the words I sent for initial setting after power up:


  • ADF4106 Output not varying

    I am using an ADF4106 with a 15MHz REFin and am looking for a 1850MHz RF VCO output ~ 11.5V.

    When I power up I'm getting 1696MHz out @ approx 2.2V.  I'm using the following SPI transactions in this order:

    Initialization: 93

    Function: 92

    R Counter…

  • EVAL  ADF4106


    Does anyone have the software operating this evaluation board using a serial port in a PC?

    (The software provided in AD site requires usb or SDP connection)

  • ADF4106 Digital Lock Detect

    1)We need to know from Analog Devices if loading the ADF4106 Digital Lock Detect with a 1uF capacitor would compromise the performance or reliability of the ADF4106.

    2)  Given the PLL parameters that I have listed above, such as setting a 10 nsec Digital…

  • ADF4106 Gerber files


    Do you have the ADF4106 Evalboard Gerber files by any chance?