• ADF41020 power sequencing (18 GHz PLL)

    Using multiple (12 pcs) of ADF41020 to lock ~10 GHz oscillators in a test rig, working fine until recently - when all 12 failed. Now, wondering about the reason. As it turns out, Vp (charge pump supply voltage) was absent - a voltage pre-regulator failed…

  • External Reference for UG-405 (ADF41020 Eval Board)

    Interested in driving the UG-405 with an external reference frequency though the REFIN external SMA.  I noticed that there is no jumper to select between the on-board TXCO and the external reference.  Can I just drive the REFIN port directly, or do i need…

  • HMC733+ADF41020  目前遇到的问题


  • ADF41020 Setting using ADI Int-N PLL S/W

    Hello, I am trying to set ADF41020 PLL chip at 17.08032GH using ADI Int-N PLL S/W.

    I read the ADF41020EB1Z Evaluation Board user guide note,

    1. It said charg pump setting 1 & 2 are 2.5mA, but PLL chip data sheet said Icp max=5.0mA using Rset=5.1K ohm…

  • ADF41020用到的OP184同相端为什么加偏压啊?


  • Hi all, I want to use ADF41020 Evaluation Board to generate wideband RF LO.signal 2-18GHz. Please, talk me what VCO need buy.

  • RE: Frequency Synthesizer design 12GHz to 20GHz

    Option 1: discrete VCO, discrete PLL, and discrete doubler.


  • HMC632 based PLL


    My goal is to produce a 15.5GHz output signal, the key parameters are phase noise and spurious performance.

    Per VCO the only option, that I see, is the HMC632.

    Per PLL I would like to evaluate the ADF41020 and the HMC703.

    I can evaluate on upon the…

  • RE: EVAL-ADF4350-EB2Z update rate

    Sorry I am confused. The board I am using is the evaluation board for ADF41020.

  • RE: ADF4002

    Hello Dr Amr,

    The current maximum speed for our PLLs is 18GHz...the ADF41020. Regards,