• ADF41020


    I want to simulate with ADIsimPLL the ADF41020 circuit to generate a 12.25 GHz signal. I set the PFD at 50 MHz but there is an error given by ADIsimPLL as you can see here.

    I really don't understand why it is not working. I think that the divider…

  • About ADF41020

    We are ready to design a optical PLL to lock the phase between two lasers. We get a beat signal which is the frequency difference between two lasers from a photodetector.We want to input this 9.2GHz beat signal  to the RFin port of ADF41020 chip.


  • ADF41020 Eval Board

    Hi all,

    I am trying the ADF41020 evaluation board with its on board 100MHz reference clock. I power up the board and connect to my PC. Then write to its registers via the ADI PLL Int-N program. The program shows that the board is connected. But when…

  • ADF41020 Maximum Frequency limit

    Dear all,

    For our research at Texas A&M, we need to use high purity 16GHz for ADC testing. The ADF41020 evaluation board has the proper PLL chip which can go up to 18GHz, but the VCO used on this board can only produce up to ~13GHz. My question is…

  • EVAL-ADF41020 Freequency Sweep

    My customer purchases the evaluation board EVAL-ADF41020 of the ADF41010 and checks the operation.
    Customers are using Int-N PLL software.
    The customer confirmed the output of about 11GHz - 12.8GHz.
    After that, the customer attempted to sweep the frequency…

  • ADF41020 Design Simulation Error

    Hello.    I would like to implement a fixed frequency generator of 12.2GHz using the ADF41020.  In order to improve the in-band phase noise (within loop bandiwdth),  I intend to use 50MHz phase detector frequency, using an external 100MHz Reference frequency…

  • ADF41020的输入问题


  • the IBIS model of ADF41020

    Can you provide the IBIS model of ADF41020 for me ?

  • Controll EVAL-ADF41020 with Python?

    I want to controll a EVAL-ADF41020 board using python.  Does anyone have any example code using libusb or similar?   Alternatively, do any of you know the communications protocol?   Thanks for any advice or ideas.

  • ADF41020 UG-405 BOM list

    I check the ADF41020, UG-405.

    The value of same parts No. is different in the BOM and schematic.


    Which value is correct, BOM or schematic ?


    For example, following the value of C18,C19,C20,

    UG-405  Page.12

    Figure 11. Evaluation Board Schematic…