• ADF4007-


    Using the ADF4007BCPZ as a Divider only, with programmable fix divide-by -8, -16, -32 or -64.

    We need an information regarding it’s Residual SSB Phase Noise Performance (not found in its data sheet).

    Graphical representation, similar to the…

  • ADF4007 frequency divider


    I am using ADF 4007 as frequency divider.

    I used configuration as mentioned in ADF4007 datasheet. Unfortunately, there is some problem: when 3.5 GHz is applied, device is working perfectly, but when input signal is off, ADF4007 generates itself…

  • ADF4007 PLL

    Hello .;


    I am using ADF4007 PLL in my application board. PLL loses lock when, I try to read either R or N divider at MUXOUT pin. What would be the possible reason/s?

    Supplementary question:  Would it be possible to use ADF4007 to some configuration…

  • ADF4007 + ADF4002 (controlling dividers)

    I want to implement a PLL lock with the PFD frequency >50 MHz. I'm currently using the ADF4007 and this works great, but because the RF input has a minimum divider of 8, I can only input frequencies larger than 400 MHz. I want to be able to lock RF input…

  • ADF4007 as a divider


    I am planning to use ADF4007 as a controllable divider.

    I was not able to find all necessary information from data sheet.

    What is the usable input power range for ADF4007 RFin port?

    There is plot for minimum sensitivity level, no upper limit.

  • 关于ADF4007的问题


    1. 电源On/OFF的标识是否弄反了。

    2. datasheet中测试步骤中第六步中,”Apply 640MHz, -4 dBm signal to J1“,是否J1弄错,应该为J4

    3. 测试R couter或者N counter,发现Muxout端监测的信号发生畸变,并不是方波。测试结果见附件,其中CH1J3端,CH2T5端。这是否属于正常现象?


  • no output at EVAL-ADF4007


    We have used the evaluation boards Eval-adf4007 for more than two years without problems. However, since two weeks ago we observed the output level of charge pump is incorrect for two of our evaluation boards. It should have been at 5V when the…

  • ADF4007 PLL error output pulsed?

    I am trying to get an error out from this ADF4007 board for feedback (and I have a filter in place).  For the sake of simplicity, I'm using:

    RF in: 2GHz

    RefIn: 125 MHz (which goes to 62.5 with the fixed R divider at 1/2)

    Ndivider = 32

    this is not…

  • ADF4007 (eval board) as phase detector and PLL

    I have an eval ADF4007 which I want to use to phase lock two lasers together. I'm testing it before getting to that feedback part, and I'm having an issue with error output from the CP/phase detector:

    Setup:  RF synthesizer for 6.8 MHz and another…

  • phase noise differences between the ADF4007 and the ADF4107

    The ADF4107 has better normalized noise floor spec than the ADF4007, but worse plot results.                                                                             

    ADF4007                              ADF4107

    Normalized Noise Floor                                

    -219dBc/Hz                         -223dBc/Hz


    -100dBc/Hz (Fig.4)           -85dBc/Hz (Fig.11)