• ADF4007 + ADF4002 (controlling dividers)

    I want to implement a PLL lock with the PFD frequency >50 MHz. I'm currently using the ADF4007 and this works great, but because the RF input has a minimum divider of 8, I can only input frequencies larger than 400 MHz. I want to be able to lock RF input…

  • adf4002窄带锁vcxo

    请教!我用adf4002锁一个vcxo!cp设置的0.6mA,pfd采用1MHz,环路带宽设置为10Hz,相位裕度48,参考是10M,vcxo是40M!最终出来相噪100Hz处恶化了!vcxo采用分压电阻时候比锁相环设计时在100Hz处相噪优化10db!锁相环工作状态下,100Hz的相噪不是很稳定有6db的波动!这个是什么原因呢!adf4002和vcxo采用的一个ldo lp5912给的电,每个馈电都采用π形电感电容滤波!

  • ADF4002 minimum RF input frequency


    actually i'm looking for a stand alone PDF and charge pump to use inside a prototype of triple loop PLL architecture. During my search i have found the ADF4002, but i have a question on its minimum value of RF Input frequency. I would try to use…

  • Replacing ADF4001 with ADF4002

    The ADF4001 and ADF4002 are very similar. When replacing the ADF4001 with the ADF4002, there is no need for any hardware or register value changes, however, the initialization sequences for the two parts may be different. Consult the datasheet for more…

  • ADF4002    MUXOUT function

    Hi, dears!!!

    The question is about SERIAL DATA OUTPUT of MUXOUT.

    Is it the same waveform as DATA pin draws or it appears only after the input shift register is filled?

    In other words, can I control two different devices using DATA, CLK and one LE,…

  • IBIS model for ADF4002


    May I know if the IBIS model for ADF4002 is available? I couldn't find it on the product page.


  • ADF4002 device programming problem


    We are experiencing a problem with the SPI programming of ADF4002.

    I’m using the CE pin method for device programming after initial power-up.

    But the chip was not getting locked although we tried the procedure as mentioned in the datasheet (RevB…

  • ADF4002 Punch vs Sawn


    I have recently bought ADF4002 in LFCSP package.

    Before I got the "Punch package", this time, I got the "Sawn package".

    I checked online the package dimensional differences and could only see a difference in the tolerances…

  • ADF4002 Analog Lock Detect Design

    Please can anyone help me with a relationship between the allowable frequency deviation of a carrier and the pulses of the lock detect pin. I am designing an fm transmitter which would be modulated to allow +/-150KHz frequency drift from the carrier.…

  • ADF4002 内部 寄存器