• ADE9153A_Eval Board

    In my PCB i use ADE9153A with ADUM6000 and ADUM4152 , so i need the pcb of the eval board of ade9153a to get an idea about the about the design !

    so i you can send the pcb of eval board


  • ADE9153A_ADUM6000


    Can I use ADUM6000 to power ADE9153A and ADUM4152?
    The input of ADUM6000 is 3.3V and the Output is 3.3V isolated.
    In this case the output current of ADUM6000 is 40mA.
    Is 40mA used to power ADE9153A and ADUM4152?

  • RE: ADE9153A connection with microcontroller

    hi aheredia 

    the communication spi between ADE9153A et micrcontroller provide our measurements ?

    give me a schématic between ADE9153A et microcontroller stm32 as exempl et tahnk you

  • Consuption of ade9153A



    what'is the consuption in current of ade9153a? 

    can i use ADUM5000 dc dc isolator (3.3 to 3.3 isolated) to feed ade9153a and ADUM4152 (spi isolator)?

    IOUT MAX =60mA  ADUM5000


  • fraud detection

    How ADE9153A detect fraud ?

  • RE: ADE9153 with a 3 Phase System

    Hi Oytun,

    Thank you for your interest in ADI products.

    The ADE9153A is an IC  for single phase metrology with mSure autocalibration functionality. TO add, it shuld work with shunt and not current transformer in order to perform the mSure autocalibration…


    Hi Maros,

    Apologies for the delay, have you tried changing?

    It has been an error in the comment on the program

    Thank you for letting us know,GPIO 16 is for SS pin.

    In this picture, you can see the ADE9153A connected pins going to the Headers to the…

  • shunt résistance_ADE9153A

    How to choose the value résistance shunt for ADE9153A?

  • BOM eval board ade9153a

    I need the BOM file of eval board ade9153a ?

  • Reset ADE9153A EVAL BOARD

    HOW THE RESET OF ADE9153A IT's Work?

    explain to me!