• RE: Consuption of ade9153A

    The ADE9153A, when not running the mSure feature, has a typical consumption of 9.3mA and max consumption of 12mA. Then depending on what power mode the autocalibration feature is run in, there could be a peak consumption adder of 33mA. If the autocalibration…

  • RE: ADE9153A_ADUM6000

    Hi aherdia


    What is the maximum current consuption of ade9153A ?

  • ade9153a Regulator


    Can I use the regulator ADP122ACPZ-3.3-R7   with Vin=3.3V  to obtain Vout=3.3v


  • Reset ADE9153A EVAL BOARD

    HOW THE RESET OF ADE9153A IT's Work?

    explain to me!

  • BOM eval board ade9153a

    I need the BOM file of eval board ade9153a ?

  • fraud detection

    How ADE9153A detect fraud ?

  • Adding CT for Neutral measurement in ADE9153A

    I have three questions regarding CT connection with ADE9153A. 

    1-How to connect a split type C.T  at the IBP and IBN pin of ADE9153A?

    2-Is antialising filter is needed at the input of IBP and IBN pins? 

    3- On which pin galvanic isolation is required for…

  • RE: ADE9153 with a 3 Phase System

    Hi Oytun,

    Thank you for your interest in ADI products.

    The ADE9153A is an IC  for single phase metrology with mSure autocalibration functionality. TO add, it shuld work with shunt and not current transformer in order to perform the mSure autocalibration…

  • msure for ADE9153A

    which are the conditions for ADE9153 (specific shunt resistor value, i dont know ) for the msure to work  fine?

    so thanks

  • ADE9153A eval board


    I have an eval board of ADE9153A.
    Is there a graphical interface to visualize the different parameters. (Measuring environment)?

    thanks my email : belhajltaiefsamir95@gmail.com