• ADE9153A


    in my application i use ADE9153A for smart energy meter and an AC / DC Converter to power the different components.

    in the datsheet of ADE9153A the phase is connected to the ground. but in my application the phase is the input of AC / DC at the same…


    In my project i use ade9153a with stm32 microcontroller communicate with spi isolator adu4152 

    the reset of ade9153a the same with microcontroller

  • RE: ADE9153A mSure

    my question is about msure technology(autocalibration) in the ADE9153A:
    how automatic calibration is realized in ADE9153A?
    I wait your answer
  • msure Technology

    my question is about msure technologie(autocalibration) in the ADE9153A:
    how automatic calibration is realized in ADE9153A?
  • ADE9153A questions


    As we are switching from ADE7953 to ADE9153A we came across some questions referring the data sheet of ADE9153A:

    1. Referring ade9153A user manual and technical reference manual not clear on how to calculate energy accumulation half cycle time?

  • ADE9153A

    1/ My question is about the ground in the phase why ? is it possible to not connect the phase to the ground ?

    2/ in eval board R2=R9=150k but in the datasheet  (test circuit ) R1=R2=150ohm  why??

  • ade9153a


    what'is the consuption in current of ade9153a? 

    can i use ADUM5000 dc dc isolator (3.3 to 3.3 isolated) to feed ade9153a and ADUM4152 (spi isolator)?

    IOUT MAX =60mA  ADUM5000


  • Shunt connection in ADE9153A

    I have attached an image from datasheet of ADE9153A. In the image, it's confusing that  IAP pin of ADE9153A is connected to L-IN or L-OUT?

  • RE: ADE9153A_ADUM6000

    Hi belhaj, YOu can visit the power requirement of ADE9153A, and also the ADUM4152 and check whether ADUM6000 satisfies for the requirements.

    Here is for the ADE9153A:

  • ade9153a_eval board

    In my PCB i use ADE9153A with ADUM6000 and ADUM4152 , so i need the pcb of the eval board of ade9153a to get an idea about the about the design !

    so can you send the pcb of eval board