• ADE9153a Guard trace

    I have a question about the layout guidleines for the ADE9153a:

    Is the guard trace from VAMS to VAN under the package necessary due to safety reasons or performance reasons? 

    Because we're having issues with the layout with it, but our accuracy demands…


    I am designing an energy metering circuit using ADE9153A for 32A charging station. I prefer CT (2500:1) for phase current measurement. But I am having issues

    1) Can I use a CT in  the current channel B to measure phase current?

    2)How to connect IBMS pin…

  • ADE9153A checksum Algorithm using in UART,


    I have using ADE9153A for the first time SPI interface for PoC is work fine.

    But for the real product I have to use UART interface due to limited on SPI CH / and run on RTOS 

    I set up checksum "on" for secure data lost

    And device send below…

  • ADE9153A Accuracy Issues


    I'm using the EV-ADE9153ASHIELDZ Evaluation Kit along with the supporting example Arduino code. In addition, I'm also using the equivalent of MTE's PTE 400  to source current to the IAP/IAN inputs and I haven't modified the board at all…

  • RE: ADE9153A UART communication

    Is there any update on this? I also am trying to get it to work over UART. We have prototype boards built and in hand. I am trying to verify communication with the ADE9153A by sending it 0x2420 over UART which should return the Product Version. I get…

  • ADE9153A Current Channel B as Voltage Measurement

    Can Current Channel B be used to make an AC Voltage measurement? Would it affect the power/energy calculations for Channel A?

  • ADE9153A UART error rate concerns at 115,200 baud

    Are there any concerns using the ADE9153A UART at 115,200 baud with 2.56% error rate through a digital isolator followed by a cable several feet long?

  • ADE9153A Burst register values and conversion.

    I am using ADE9153A in SPI mode.

    I am reading register values in burst enable mode from register address 0x0600 which is start of burst register address.

    I need conversion constant for --->  AI_WAV value   and     AV_WAV   value                             

    which are instantaneous…

  • ADE9153A VAMS to Phase Connection


    I am using ADE9153A for a design of a smart plug. I'm having trouble understanding the connection from VAMS to Phase.

    As mentioned in the datasheet VAMS should be connected to the phase. But as per the typical application circuit it is connected…

  • how to get Wh usage of ADE9153A ?

    Dear ,

             I am using ADE9153A and checked the example code.

    I am trying to get the Wh result but can not see in the example code.

    Would you let me know how to get ?  I am going to measure the power in month.