• RE: EVAL-ADE9078 Modbus/Iot Capabilities

    ADE9078 have only SPI port for communication. Therefore, you may need to develop circuit with SPI to Modbus converter.

    As you mentioned  EVAL-ADE9078 and EVAL-SDP-CB1Z, it's evaluation kits for ADE9078,

    EVAL-ADE9078 provide SPI port from ADE9078, a…

  • RE: ADE9078 Harmonics

    Hi msmartin,

    ADE9078 is not a power quality IC. Please use ADE9000 for power quality measurements like Total Harmonic Distortion (THD).

    The ADE9000 and ADE9078 share the same evaluation software.

    Thank you.



  • ADE9000 and ADE9078


    I have a question about ADE9000 and ADE9078. Is ADE9000 upper compatible of ADE9078?

    Our customer made a PCB and a software for ADE9078. And then, he would like to replace to ADE9000 from ADE9078 to the PCB. And he would like to use same software…

  • RE: Question about ADE9078

    Hi Gary,

    Sorry, I'd like to take back my question above and ask a new question.

    ADE9078 can be used for maesuring power of a three-phase three-wire system by a two-wattmeter method?

    According to the section "APPLYING THE ADE9078 TO A 3-WIRE DELTA…

  • About EVAL-ADE9078 PCB and Sch files, ADI can suppport these files?


           i am using ADE9078 ,and i want to start my design , can you support me and give me the EVAL-ADE9078 PCB and Sch files.

  • ADE9078 Sefltest Feature for CT/PT

    Dear ADIer

    Is there any feature to detect whethere CT/PT is short or open in ADE9078?

    If ADE9078 has no feature for detection of CT/PT falult, how can I detect this?



  • ADE9078 AVRMS update rate


    I found that ADE9078 AVRMS update rate is equal to 4 kSPS. Would it possible to get more integrated value of AVRMS from the ADE9078? 1 SPS for example?



  • RE: ADE9078 Arduino

    Hi Jean,

    Arduino API is a C++ code so, I guest, you are interfacing ADE9078 with microcontroller and using an C++ IDE. Based on this assumption, yes but you need to make some small modifications.

    • Note that SPI protocol is almost the same
      • ADE9000 use…
  • RE: Can ADE7758 be used to measure phase difference in a 3-Phase supply?

    Hi hari.911,

    The ADE7758 is our previous generation of parts. I would recommend taking a look at our newer generation of parts, the ADE7878A, http://www.analog.com/ADE7878A  or the ADE9078, http://www.analog.com/ADE9078. These newer parts will have the…

  • RE: Sample code for ADE 9078


    What parameters do you want to read and configure on ADE9078?