• ADE9078 : problem with readings and calibration

    Hello everyone,

    I have a question concerning the usage of an ADE9078 chip. I have a Lem HMSR that converts Current into a Voltage between 0.5V and 4.5V then the voltage is divided by 4 and compared with VREF(2.5V) so the output is between +-0.5V when…

  • ADE9000 replacement (ADE9078?)


    Due to the current electronics lack, the ADE9000 isn't available on any distributor, so I'm looking for a replacement.

    As discussed in this link the ADE9000 and ADE9078 are mechanical compatible (pin to pin), and as far as I've researched…

  • RE: ADE9078 - calibration (tool) -


    I'm experiencing the exact same situation described by Blaster, no matter what values I enter the lines 72 and 73 (from the ADE9078 calibration tool) never change. It seems to me that there are some errors in the sheet's equations and I can't compare…


    I am using ADE9078 I am getting all the readings except KWH.

    I tried to read the AWATTHR_HI and AWATTHR_LO register I am getting the values but those values are high. In the datasheet, they didn't given any calculation for these registers.


  • ADE9078 PART_ID in datasheet

    ADE9078 Rev.0 datasheet explains (page 98) that register 0x472 (PART_ID) is used to identify the IC.
    However, looking at the register content you will find the way to detect an AD73370, an ADE9000, an ADE9004 (this one looks like was never produced by…

  • ADE9078 response/latency

    I want to verify my understanding of the datasheet since this will be a critical point for us.
    If I am reading the datasheet correctly I could get a 4kHz update of real power if I disable the low pass filter. To be clear it is only real power I need…
  • ADE9078 EMI


    We are using the ADE9078 for 3Phase mote current and voltage measurements.

    We have an MCU that gets these values from the ADE via SPI, All working well.

    The MCU will set up the ADE at startup to configure it according to our needs.

    When a motor needs…

  • ADE9000 - ADE9078 energy measurement


    We have been using ADE9000 for the prototype series of the device that measures voltages, power and energy on all three phases. On those devices it was possible to measure energy. When we have switched to devices with the ADE9078 measured energy…

  • How to read values of two ADE9078 on one Arduino


    I try to use two ADE9078 on one Arduino.

    My problem is, that the Chip select is fixed written in the ADE9000API.CPP file and I don´t know how to change it to being able to put multiple Chip select pins and readouts in the Arduino code.

  • ADE9078 SPI通讯

    您好! 使用IO口模拟SPI与ADE9078通讯,参考软件代码为贵公司推荐的软件代码(附件1 SimuSPI.C),自写代码为附件2(SPI_IO.c)。用示波器测试时钟信号,MOSI输出信号正常,但ADE9078通过SOMI反馈回的值在CLK总线上没有时钟信号时一直为高电平(1),有时钟信号时发送读指令后返回0(主程序为main.c,读取Ox4FE寄存器的版本号,默认为0x0040),不解,是没有通讯上吗?求解答。注:示波器中蓝线为CLK,黄线为MOSI,粉线为SOMI