• RE: ADE9000 replacement (ADE9078?)

    Hi the ADE9000 has more features than the ADE9078 

    The ADE9078 does not have:

    VRMS ½, IRMS ½ rms voltage refreshed each half cycle, 10 cycle rms, 12 cycle rms

    VTHD ITHD, Dip Swell, fundamental measurements, IRMS, VRMS, VA, watt (does have…

  • SDP + ADE9000, looking for code to access the ADE9000 registers via the SDP

    The ADE9000 has so many registers that the sample application is extremely hard to use. Much nicer if I could code up my own program to access the registers that I'm really interested in seeing. Plus it will be a nice head start once the ADE9000 is baked…

  • ADE7880 vs ADE9000

    Dear sir, I am starting a energy metering development project, I wish to know which one to use if I want a higher sampling rate device? what are the other differences between ADE7880 vs ADE9000 as well? many thanks

  • ADE9000 readout problem

    I am using the ADE9000 with sinc4+iir as the source for waveform buffer.

    Whenever I read out the first sample of a new page of the buffer, the sign extension isn't coming out properly.

    As you might recall from the ADE9000 datasheet, the sinc4+iir…

  • ADE9000 - Rogowski coil


    i'm using the ADE9000 evaluetion board EVAL-ADE9000EBZ with Rogoswki coil Pulse PA3209NL. The board configuration is 3P3W, max current to measure is 300A. I've some questions about the connections:

    1 - the coil have 3 wire:


    it's correct…

  • RE: About ADE9000 DIP or SWELL Interrupt

    The value in line:

    ade9000.SPI_Write_32(ADDR_DIP_LVL, 0xFFFF4444);

    is too high (max 24 bits [0x007FFFFF]). For 200 V replace it with: 0x00072C6E, and for 100 V replace it with: 0x00039637. According to:

    Dip threshold 200,0 VRMS / Voltage Divider (990…

  • ADE9000 Resampled Waveform above 60Hz


    I’m using ADE9000 resampled data to do harmonic analysis. The harmonic accuracy is OK for fundamental frequency 50Hz and 60Hz. T

    he accuracy gets worse when the fundamental changed above 62Hz.

    To investigate this issue, I plot the waveform…

  • RE: ADE9000 - ADE9078 energy measurement

    Ok this is my mistake. I run the ade9000 with psm0=1 and psm1=0 in the ade9000 this is fine. 

    but in the ade9078 this is tamper mode. 

    set psm1 =psm0=0 and see if this helps


  • ADE9000 Newbie Questions


    We are currently using ADE9000 for the prototype of the meter device that measures voltages, power and energy on all three phases. 

    As I'm working under making of firmware for this equipment and I'm newbie in the area of  using ADE9000 for energy…

  • More than one ADE9000 on one Arduino


    I want to use two to three ADE9000 parallel on 6 to 9 phases and read them all on one Arduino.

    Is it possible to switch through the SDI? And can you tell me how / What to be aware of?

    Thank you for your help!