• ade9000 calibration source

    Hello all,

    We need a good source to calibrate our ADE9000 board. The goal is to satisfy IEC 62053-22 class 0.1s (Resolution of 0.1% or maybe 0.5)

    Any recommendation of a single phase power supply or a calibration setup?



  • ADE9000-Phase Calibration

    I am using the ADE9000 for my project and I am stock at the process of calibrating the phase using an accurate source and EV-ADE9000SHIELDZ.

    Could anyone please help me by providing detailed steps on how to make the phase calibration?

  • ADE9000 Current terminal connection diagram


    I'm reading the attached manual about ADE9000.


    P.47 describes how to use it when "VCONSEL [2: 0] = 00, ICONSEL = 1".

    At this time, what is…

  • RE: Disable IRQ1 after ADE9000 initialize

    Hello guys!

    Regarding the questions in this thread:  Disable IRQ1 after ADE9000 initialize, specifically about IRQ1, it is not possible for me to verify where is the RESET pin connection from the EV-ADE9000 Shield Z board to the ESP8266 is.

    On page 3,…

  • SPI issues between EVAL-ADE9000 and Raspberry Pi


    I am trying to use SPI to communicate from a Raspberry Pi to the EVA-ADE9000 board and have not had any success. I have connected jumper wires from the P2 connector on the EVAL-ADE9000 board to the GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi as follows:


  • ADE9000 angle V_I calibration

    Good day!

    I use the ADE9000 to measure the active, reactive power of incandescent lamps. When an incandescent lamp is connected, the ADE9000 changes the angle between voltage and current 355 degrees. when an inductive load is connected, the reactive power…

  • ADE9000 zero cross delay

    I am having a problem with the zero cross interrupt and waveform sampling.

    What I expect:

    1. get the ZXAV interrupt

    2. immediately start waveform sampling

    3. read the waveform buffer

    4. expect the first voltage value of phase A to be 0 or near 0


  • ADE9000 harvest -1


    I contact you because I have a problem while working on your ADE9000. I am using an Arduino MKR1010 to harvest the data from the ADE9000 wiring with your table below:
    When I plug the VA+GND terminals from the low frequency generator into the…
  • ADE9000 Newbie Questions


    We are currently using ADE9000 for the prototype of the meter device that measures voltages, power and energy on all three phases. 

    As I'm working under making of firmware for this equipment and I'm newbie in the area of  using ADE9000 for energy…

  • ADE9000 Bad Angle measurement in 3-wire mode


    We try to measure the angle between Va and Ia on a delta 3-wire mode. We configure the ADE9000 in VCONSEL = 100 and ICONSEL=1. But we get an angle Va Ia at 220°, then on the scope we measure 80°C  corresponding to our cos phi motor (0.2…