• ADE9000 for beginners

    Hey Power People! I am part of a student group designing an energy meter using the ADE9000. Sadly, none of us are power people, and are having a hard time getting started with even the Arduino Evaluation Shield. We have communicated with the ADE9000 …

  • SDP + ADE9000, looking for code to access the ADE9000 registers via the SDP

    The ADE9000 has so many registers that the sample application is extremely hard to use. Much nicer if I could code up my own program to access the registers that I'm really interested in seeing. Plus it will be a nice head start once the ADE9000 is baked…

  • RE: ADE9000 compliant with IEC 61010-1

    Hi John, The ADE9000 has no isolation so it does not meet 61010-1. Isolation would be needed like the an ADUM241E or the ADuM4150. Use the ade9000 eval board for reference.


  • RE: ADE9000-input dynamic range

    Hi Mark,

    Sorry to miss this question.
    You can see Application Note AN-639 to get the idea of the 1000:1 for 0.1% meaning.

    The basic answer is, current variation of 1A from 30kA is already 30,000 to 1 ratio. It is not possible to do that on ADE9000.

  • Multiple ADE9000 with same oscilator



    I use a board with 8 ADE9000.  IN order to reduce the total chip count I’m thinking on using one oscillator to drive all the clocks

    Can this be done? What are the parameters that I should take in to account?




  • RE: ADE9000 current sensors

    If you are measuring 3p power you can't use shunts(see ADE7978 www.analog.com/.../ade7978_7933_7932_7923.pdf). The shunt will be referenced to agnd and this will cause a short between the phases. Without the agnd reference the common mode at the adc…

  • ade9000


    could someone explain me how exactly the ade900 works in terms of input voltage? In the datasheet it says that the maximum input voltage is +/-1V. My question is how can the ade9000 manage the negative voltage if the supplie voltage is +3.3V and…

  • RE: ADE9000 How to read individual harmonic

    Using the FFT links above and you will find many more if you search google. 

    Setup the ade9000 to provide resampled data   128 points per waveform. 

    Read data and sent to fft function in micro controller.   Sample rate for fft = 128/ line period  ex. for 50…

  • Analog input ADE9000

    For my measuring system, I use as AFE: ADE 9000. Rogowski current sensors are from the Chauvin Arnoux MiniFlex and AmpFlex family and they deliver a 3V as max output voltage, but the ADE 9000 has a max voltage for the analog input of ±1V so I am in need…

  • RE: Convert the waveform buffer output from ADE9000 to real world values

    Nevermind, I ran into the SPI timout. After increasing I have no problems anymore.

    Problems solved. Thanks!