• RE: ADE9000 current sensors

    If you are measuring 3p power you can't use shunts(see ADE7978 www.analog.com/.../ade7978_7933_7932_7923.pdf). The shunt will be referenced to agnd and this will cause a short between the phases. Without the agnd reference the common mode at the adc…

  • SDP + ADE9000, looking for code to access the ADE9000 registers via the SDP

    The ADE9000 has so many registers that the sample application is extremely hard to use. Much nicer if I could code up my own program to access the registers that I'm really interested in seeing. Plus it will be a nice head start once the ADE9000 is baked…

  • Analog input ADE9000

    For my measuring system, I use as AFE: ADE 9000. Rogowski current sensors are from the Chauvin Arnoux MiniFlex and AmpFlex family and they deliver a 3V as max output voltage, but the ADE 9000 has a max voltage for the analog input of ±1V so I am in need…

  • ADE9000 Alternative Processor


    Can anyone tell me if there any other alternative for the Blackfin Processor ADSP-BF527 i can use for the EVAL-ADE9000EBZ.

    i need some examples.

    thanks in advance.

    Best regards,


  • ADE9000-input dynamic range

    For a Rogowski sensor of 30 kA with output of 1V, can we reach the current precision of 0.1% with ADE9000 ? In the datasheet, the input dynamic range is 1000 :1 for 0.1%. How to verify the compatibility of this rogowski sensor even with small current…

  • ADE9000 How to read individual harmonic


    1.I can read total harmonic Current and Voltage from register AITHD(0x218), BITHD(0x238), CITHD(0x258), VATHD(0x217), VBTHD(0x237), VCTHD(0x257)

    but i cannot read individual harmonic from register 

    2.I would like read individual harmonic Current…

  • Disable IRQ1 after ADE9000 initialize

    Hello. I am developing a Iot device using ADE9000  and ESP-32. I want to measure a number of parameters on channel A such as Vrms, power, energy, etc, but I also want to detect dip and swell.

    However, I jave a question  about the interrupt IRQ1. After ADE9000…

  • ADE9000 for 61000-4-30 class A


    The datasheet for ADE9000 says the IC enables implementation of IEC 61000-4-30 Class S. It is a given that some calculations will be needed by the host processor for like harmonics and flicker but what is it specifically that the ADE9000 lacks for…

  • ade9000


    could someone explain me how exactly the ade900 works in terms of input voltage? In the datasheet it says that the maximum input voltage is +/-1V. My question is how can the ade9000 manage the negative voltage if the supplie voltage is +3.3V and…

  • ade9000


    how I can configure the ade9000 in terms of software, so that he gives me a pulse every kWh, or every 100Wh. In some energy metering ic, it is possible. However, according the datasheet I must configure the frequency pulse.

    At the moment I receive pulses…