• ADE7978 : Measure multiple single phase load with one ADE7978


    For a project, I need to measure current, voltage, power and energy consumed by two different 3x400+N loads and 2 different 2x230V loads.

    For each 3x400+N load, I will use a ADE7978 with 3 ADE7932.

    For the two 2x230V loads, I want to also use…

  • ADE7978


  • Synchronous  ADE7978s

    Hi, my customer consider 3-phase 3-wire power measurement in transformer.

    The system have three 3-phase 3-wire,( primary, secondary and OLTC).

    And synchronous three results is required.

    Are there these case examples or methods(function). 

    Best rega…

  • ADE7978 question

    where can I get more info on HSDC protocol?

    thank you


  • Calibration of ADE7978


    We have designed a smart electric device to measure AC/DC using ADE7978 and ADE7932.

    After reading AN1259 we would like to know if somebody could help us in the calibration of the device (offset calibration and calibration).

    We do not know how…

  • ADE7913 and ADE7978

    Hello there,

       I was looking for your products in Energy Monitoring and Metering and I saw ADE7978 with ADE7933, and also saw ADE7913. I was wondering if anyone can provide me with the difference between the two of them. Which on is better with the three…

  • ade7978 / ade7878 dsn file

    Hi, there

    Does anyone have schematic CAD design file for both ADE7978 and ADE7878 EVBs?

    (not pdf file format.)

    If somebody has, Could you share them with me in any format as like .DSN?

    DSN(orcad) file is preferred.


    I'm using the EVAL ADE 7979 metering ship and so far I have read voltage and current rms values with their converted real-world values. Regarding the DATA SHEET, page 54, the current rms calculation goes from +- 5,320,000 and it is the same for voltage…

  • Range of ADE7978 with ADE7932


    as far as i have understood from searching maximum post on energy meter forum and your product there are only few ics which measure harmonics distortion, one series is ADE7978 with ADE7932/ADE7933/ADE7923 and another is ADE7880. Is it correct


  • xWATT registers to WATT units (ADE7978)


    How could I convert values into AWATT, BWATT, and CWATT registers in the WATT units on the ADE7978 chip? How can I calculate coefficient?

    Thanks for any ideas.