• ADE7953 getting different values for different ade7953 chip for same load


    While working on ade7953 i came across the issue that when i use different ade7953 chip the raw values i am getting are totally different for vrms, irms, active power, reactive power, apparent power, active energy, reactive energy, apparent energy…

  • ADE7953 channel A metering problem

    Hi, I am using  ADE7953 IC to energy monitoring, and two channels with CT input. 

    After gain calibration,ADE7953 works fine and two channels watt value(about 700W) is close to each other.

    But when I put CT on top of this appliance(as fig1) or some specific place…

  • RE: ADE7953 current and voltage measurement don't work

    I see you use shunt resistors r901 and r902 with value of 0.1ohm. 

    With 5A current flowing through the shunt the voltage at IAP and IAN will be 707mV which is beyond the maximum of 500mV for the ADC. 

    This might not be the reason the IC burns, but I have…

  • ADE7953

    ADE7953与MCU连接时,MCU和DE7953连接的几根线是单向的还是双向的? 还有一个问题;是不是MCU只从ADE7953上读取信息,而ADE7953不需要从CMU上读取任何信息

  • ADE7953


    I'm using ADE7953 in my project to get the single phase volt,current,PF,KW and KWH. I found some error in meter reading. without load i got the current,PF and kW values from the chipset. 

    My Configurations are below: 

    Register                Value


  • ADE7953

    I've just reviewed the latest RevC for the ADE7953 and noticed the correction to the formulas used for period measurement (page 36) using 223.75kHz clock instead of 223kHz from the older spec sheets.  I assume this also applies to the "Angle Measurements…



    ADE7953 realizes the integration of active power signal in two stages. In the first stage, the active power signal is transmitted every 143 μ S (6.99 kHz) is accumulated in the internal 48 bit internal register until the internal fixed threshold…

  • ADE7953 - Calibration Firmware


    I'm developing a firmware for the ADE7953 and in the aplication note there are some constants that a I didn't understand where they came from. More precisely, in the calibration of the active energy offset using the registers only.


  • ADE7953 PAD

    ADE7953 Single Phase Energy Metering IC PAD question.

    From the datasheet:
    Exposed Pad. Create a similar pad on the PCB under the exposed pad. Solder the exposed pad to the pad on the PCB to confer mechanical strength to the package. Do not connect the…

  • ADE7953 calibration

    I have developed an ADE7953 based energy meter and I'm able to measure RMS voltages and currents. I have yet to calibrate it. I read a document from AD regarding its calibration but I am finding it slightly complicated. There are two methods, using a…