• ADE7953 secondary side


               Customer evaluate put ADE7953 on secondary side to measure primary side AC power measuring. Has any risk ADE7953A on secondary side not primary side for measurement? Thank you. 



  • ADE7953 Reset Function

    I have two questions about ADE7953.
    1. When the RESET pin is set to "L" (initiate a hardware reset), registers say "with reset" in the register description in the data sheet, table 15 will change to their default value?


  • RE: ADE7953 using Shunt and Dual Output Flyback

    The power supply you looks ok. 

    For the ADE7953 to micro controller isolation. 

    If you are using spi  something like this. 

  • ADE7953 calibration

    I have developed an ADE7953 based energy meter and I'm able to measure RMS voltages and currents. I have yet to calibrate it. I read a document from AD regarding its calibration but I am finding it slightly complicated. There are two methods, using a…

  • ADE7953 Current Not Sensing


    We have developed a single phase energy meter using ADE7953. The Current Transformer is connected to Channel A of the ADE7953. The ratio of CT is 1:1000 with 0 to 10A range. 

    If we connect any load the ADE7953 is not reading any current value it gives…

  • ADE7953 reset pin operation


    I have two questions regarding the behavior of the ADE7953 reset pin.
    1. What is reset when the reset pin goes low?
        Hardware only? Software only? Will all registers be reset?

    2. Is the source code for the evaluation board software released?
    I would…
  • EVAL-ADE7953

    Hello, quick question, do you know if the BOM and Design Files are available? Any download link?

    Thank you

  • ADE7953 Current channel stops

    I have started working on ADE7953 for a typical energy meter application. The system has started working, however I observed that many times when a load is disconnected, the current channel stops reading. The voltage channel is updated consistently but…

  • ADE7953 design issue

    Hi sir 

    Have the following questions need to ask you 

    Does the ADE7953 have an I2C reference sample code?
    Initialization to set those parameters?
    Read Vrms, Irms, Hz, Power to read only a scratchpad? Or can you read it in a special way?
    How to correct the…