• Calibration of ADE7953

    Hi Dave,

    This is regarding use of ADE7953.

    How do I can calibrate & convert raw value of Power and Energy register value to decimal to compare same with other reference data.

    Below is the image of some data taken from ADE7953 & Other Ref meter. In…

  • WRITE_PROTECT register ADE7953

    In ADE7953, an 8-Bit register named WRITE_PROTECT has an address 0x040. What is the function of this register, and how to use it?

    Any help is much appreciated.


    Satya Prakash Singh

  • ADE7953 evaluation board how to start


    we've purchased ADE7953 evaluation board , and we are now attempting to create a POC based on this device for our firmware, we have the following questions:

    • is the firmware for the interface board freely available ? if so we would like to…
  • ADE7953 crystal replace by osc?

    Hi Sir,

    could i using the OSC replace the 3.58MHz crystal?

  • CFx output of ADE7953

    In the application note, AN-1118 in the section Set Meter Constant the calculation for the CFEXPECTED  and CFxDEN at the load of 220V and 10A at power factor 1 is given for 3600imp/kWh. Suppose the current value changes from 10A to 7A  then do we have to…

  • Regarding the inputs to ADE7953

    It is mentioned in the datasheet of ADE7953 that the input to current and voltage channels is fully differential. I want to ask if I can provide single-ended inputs to these pins or not?


    Satya Prakash Singh

  • Regarding ADE7953 Evaluation board

    Do we have to use external sensors for current and voltage with the ADE7953 evaluation board?


    Satya Prakash Singh

  • Problem Writing Data to ADE7953 via I2C

    I'm trying to read and write data to my ADE7953 on EVAL Board via I2C using Raspberry Pi, but I'm not able to do so.

    I've made all the connections specified in the datasheet on page 51.

    Connected CS and SCLK to 3.3V, made ground common on…