• What is happens if I use a shunt less than 180 µΩ with these ADE7932/ADE7933?

    What is happens if I use a shunt less than 180 µΩ for example 50 µΩ (for measure current about 500 A) with these ADE7932/ADE7933?

    How to measure the current more than 500 A with these ADE7932/ADE7933?

  • ADE7912 Calibration?

    ADE7912 has the ability to calibrate gain, phase and offset like ADE7932?

  • Problems with reading on ADE7978 Registers NVRMS.

    Hi everyone!

    I'm building an power meter based on ADE7978(1 pcs) and ADE7932(4 pcs) chipset. The four ADE7932 respectively used for collecting A/B/C phase voltage current and voltage current, an independent respectively from ADE7978 DATA_A/DATA_B…

  • RE: Range of ADE7978 with ADE7932

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  • ADE7933/ADE7932 input circuit

    Hi there,

    We have designed an energy metering device based on the ADE7978/ADE7933/ADE7932 family, following the datasheet guidelines. We have also managed to calibrate the measurement with the precision required. However, we have found that sometimes when…

  • ADE7978 : Measure multiple single phase load with one ADE7978


    For a project, I need to measure current, voltage, power and energy consumed by two different 3x400+N loads and 2 different 2x230V loads.

    For each 3x400+N load, I will use a ADE7978 with 3 ADE7932.

    For the two 2x230V loads, I want to also use…

  • RE: ADE7978的NVRMS寄存器数据不确定

    N线上的ADE7932的DATA脚接在ADE7978的DATA_N脚(Pin9)上, 这没有问题的.

  • RE: ADE7763 Isolated Voltage Measurement


    if you want to realize an isolated voltage measurement system you need isolation block between the metering circuit and microcontroller (a voltage divider is not sufficient). If you don't want to consider digital isolation, please have a look…

  • RE: 2 Shunts to measure Line and Neutral Currents

    Hi mamech,

    you cannot use ADE7953 with shunts on line and neutral simultaneously. You can only use shunt on one channel and an isolated sensor on the other(CT/rogowski/hall effect,etc)

    If you want meteorology computations with two shunts, you can look…

  • Isolated Energy Metering in single phase


       I'm interesting to build a smart AC energy meter. Features:  220v / 30A / 0.5% accuracy or less / direct connected but isolated metering. 

    What ADE do you recommend?

    Another question, Can I use ADE7978  with one ADE7932 for this application…