• ADE7933/ADE7932 input circuit

    Hi there,

    We have designed an energy metering device based on the ADE7978/ADE7933/ADE7932 family, following the datasheet guidelines. We have also managed to calibrate the measurement with the precision required. However, we have found that sometimes when…

  • Range of ADE7978 with ADE7932


    as far as i have understood from searching maximum post on energy meter forum and your product there are only few ics which measure harmonics distortion, one series is ADE7978 with ADE7932/ADE7933/ADE7923 and another is ADE7880. Is it correct


  • Question on ADE7978/ADE7933/ADE7932/ADE7923 devices

    What is the number of harmonics used to calculate the THD?

    Thank you

    Fausto Bartra

  • What is happens if I use a shunt less than 180 µΩ with these ADE7932/ADE7933?

    What is happens if I use a shunt less than 180 µΩ for example 50 µΩ (for measure current about 500 A) with these ADE7932/ADE7933?

    How to measure the current more than 500 A with these ADE7932/ADE7933?

  • ADE79xx

    Resources specific to the ADE79xx series of parts can be found here.

  • ADE7978 : Measure multiple single phase load with one ADE7978


    For a project, I need to measure current, voltage, power and energy consumed by two different 3x400+N loads and 2 different 2x230V loads.

    For each 3x400+N load, I will use a ADE7978 with 3 ADE7932.

    For the two 2x230V loads, I want to also use…

  • Problems with reading on ADE7978 Registers NVRMS.

    Hi everyone!

    I'm building an power meter based on ADE7978(1 pcs) and ADE7932(4 pcs) chipset. The four ADE7932 respectively used for collecting A/B/C phase voltage current and voltage current, an independent respectively from ADE7978 DATA_A/DATA_B…

  • ADE7912 Calibration?

    ADE7912 has the ability to calibrate gain, phase and offset like ADE7932?

  • RE: ADE7978的NVRMS寄存器数据不确定

    N线上的ADE7932的DATA脚接在ADE7978的DATA_N脚(Pin9)上, 这没有问题的.

  • Isolated Energy Metering in single phase


       I'm interesting to build a smart AC energy meter. Features:  220v / 30A / 0.5% accuracy or less / direct connected but isolated metering. 

    What ADE do you recommend?

    Another question, Can I use ADE7978  with one ADE7932 for this application…