• ADE7913 Layout Guidelines


    I have a question ADE7913 Layout GUidelines.

    ADE7913 Rev.0 DS has Layout Guideline (P.37-40).

    But , ADE7913 Rev.B DS has not Layout Guideline.

    Is it indispensable as a measure of unnecessary radiation?

    Which is better layout Rev.0 or Rev.B …

  • RE: ADE7913: problem with SPI

    Hi Sam

    The DC performance of ADE7913 is not as good as AC performance. Will you be using ADE7913 with DC signals in the application? If so, doing such an analysis might be useful. Otherwise, I recommend testing ADE7913 with AC signals to validate the…

  • ADE7913 IP,IM Circuit


    I have a question ADE7913 IP,IM Input Circuit.

    ADE7913 DS is this one.

    ADE7913 Evaluation Board is this one .

    Now, circuit is considered by making reference to an evaluation board.

    Question :

    ・Circuit ① is necessary?

    ・Circuit ② , 0.1uF…

  • Synchronization issue of multiple ADE7913


    I have an issue with synchronization of 3x ADE7913.

    I use uC with SPI clocks 6 MHz or 3 MHz. I can't use 6 MHz SPI clocks due to ADE7913 has 5.6 MHz SCLK limit. So I use 3 MHz for SCLK.

    When 3x ADE7913 are used I can't read all data during…

  • RE: ADE7913 GNDISO


    I have a question ADE7913.

    Which is better ADE7913 2pin GNDISO DS or Application note??

    My customer has no time ,  so please teach me answer.

    Best Regards


  • What RF/magnetic interference does ADE7913 create?

    I used to encounter this with iCoupler in the previous project. Since the isolation technology is the same as iCoupler, I wonder if ADE7913 creates the same RF/magnetic interference.

    I would like to understand more about the EMI performance of ADE7913…

  • ADE7913 pin protection

    Hi team,

    My customer is now evaluating our ADE7913 and gathering FMEA information about it. The question is about protection for other than analog input. Is these pins are protected when applied 3.3V even if the VDD pin is left open?

    I guess these pins…

  • ADE7913 for DC sensor measurement

    Hi all,

    I would like to use ADE7913 to monitor my sensor inputs.

    My first question is how to measure the current fed to sensor such as shown :

    However, in ADE7913 datasheet, Application information section (page 23), they recommend to connect IM…

  • ADE7913 Question


    I have a question ADE7913.

    1, ADC Transfer Function P,20 in DS

    Voltage channel is ±0.788V, Current channel is ±49.27mV

    What kind of meaning is this?
    Is this used to calculate 1LSB?

    2,UG-571 Phase A Voltage Input Structure on the Evaluation B…

  • ADE7913 and ADE7978

    Hello there,

       I was looking for your products in Energy Monitoring and Metering and I saw ADE7978 with ADE7933, and also saw ADE7913. I was wondering if anyone can provide me with the difference between the two of them. Which on is better with the three…