• RE: ADE7912 offset

    This post is quite old but for anyone looking for more information on the ADE7912/7913 in a DC type measurement, please see AN-1304 for helpful information.


  • ADE7912 behavior between full scale and absolute maximum rating

    The ADE7912 has specified full-scale-limit with 31.25mV for the current-input and 500mV for the voltage-input.

    The absolute-maximum-rating for voltage/current measurement inputs are specified with 2V.


    Which output numbers are provided at the ADC-Output…

  • RE: Cross-talk issue in ADE7912.

    Please show me your setup. This is usually caused by the ground reference position. The voltage across the shunt might be in series with your voltage divider. Simply moving the ground will fix this problem. 


  • ADE7912 INL


    what ist the INL ( Nonlinearity )  of the ADE7912?



  • ADE7912 Calibration?

    ADE7912 has the ability to calibrate gain, phase and offset like ADE7932?

  • ADE7912 unstable bits


    we have applied ADE7912 converter for the purpose of measuring voltage and current in devices we produce. We have noticed that single measurements of DC signals vary in range of 12 LSBs even if we have shorted measuring pins of the converter. Because…

  • ADE7912 LDO

    Hi, all! Can I use the LDO 2.5 V output of analog Low Dropout (LDO) regulator to supply the low current switch (about 10 uA)? How much current can be sourced from the LDO pin?

  • ADE7912/ADE7913 uC Driver


    Where could I find uC driver for the isolated ADC ADE7912/ADE7913? For example AD777x has AD7779 Datasheet and Product Info | Analog Devices  where SW driver can be available.

  • Using temperature sensor ADE7912


    we are currently working on energy metering application using the ADE7912.

    We are not using any energy metering IC and we are performing the calculation on our uC to meet some special demands e. g. measureing dc and ac power without changing…

  • ADE7912: circuit configuration

    Good morning everybody.

    I'm developing a system to monitoring the energy consumptions for industrial applications.  The system is based on a direct measure using shunt and voltage divider, so was chosen an ADE7912 to convert the current and voltage…