• RE: ADE7880数据校准问题



    void ADE7880Cfg()




  • RE: ADE7880 Power Up

    Hello Amit,

    Just to confirm, this is with the ADE7880?

    With the ADE7880, after you perform a hardware reset, you will need to perform the 8 steps I outlined above. The reset will reset the communication port and all the registers to the default settings…

  • Feed the ADE7880 through the ADC ?


    For my project, I am using the ADE7880. Everything works as I expected but I just have a little question.

    In my application, in some case the sensors will be plugged while there is no alimentation in the ADE7880's VDD.

    So there will be +-500mV…

  • RE: ADE7880 evaluation board software contents

    Good Morning Skating

    Some of the CD cntent are available on the ADE7880 webpage:


    You will find the data sheet on this page.  If you then click on evaluation boards and tools and you will find the ADE7880 evaluation software…

  • RE: Resetting the cpu

    Hi Sanjay,

    I recommend you to configure ADE7880 to have CF outputs and observe the CF pin on oscilloscope with the inputs present. If ADE7880 resets, there will be no transitions on CF pin. This way you can determine if its ADE7880 or MSP430.

    What voltages…

  • RE: ADE7880 energy accumulation in case of power off

    Hi mallik

    ADE7880 will loose the data if there is no supply provided to the IC. Hence, in such a scenario, you would want to run the ADE7880 on battery when the power failure occurs, so that the accumulation continues seamlessly. Then you should save…

  • Polyphase Energymeter with Total Harmonic distortion


    We are using ADE7758 for our exist meter. In our new project we have chosen ADE7880 for poly phase with Total Harmonic distortion,

    1) Can we use ADE7880 for this application with SPI communication?

    2) ADE7880 is active for future production?

  • RE: Evaluation of ADE7858 and ADE7880 on the same evaluation Hardware

    Hi Meir,

    That is correct for the most part, the ADE7880 has the extra harmonic engine for detailed harmonic analysis, which is a strong point for that part. Although the ADE7858 measures only the total reactive energy while the ADE7880 only has a measurement…

  • Energy meter query

    HI I am Akshay,I am using ADE7880 chip for my energy meter project.I will have to interface ADE7880 chip along with CC3200 (TI chip).ADE7880 requires 16 MHZ crystal oscillator and cc3200 requires 80MHZ crystal oscillator.Is it possible to drive both the…

  • ADE7880 Period Measurement


    I have a question ADE7880 Period Measurement.

    How many percent the precision of the frequency is an IC element(ADE7880) ?

    Best Regards