• Sample code for ADE7878A

    Hi all,

    My customer is designing a metering module using ADE7878A and has the EVAL-ADE7878AEBZ.

    So, the customer wants to refer the source code of ADE7878A evaluation software.

    Could you please provide the source code of ADE7878A evaluation software…

  • Regarding the Voltage RMS Accuracy


    i'm using ADE7878A with a 8 bit MCU. i have a very stable voltage and current source along with a reference standard meter. I calibrate the ADE7878A at 240 V using that stable source and check the value calculated by the ADE7878A  against the…

  • Two ADE7878A's - one MCU


    We are running tests using the ADE7878A evaluation board with the goal of having the ADE7878A on a future product. Currently, we are wondering whether or not it is possible to have 2 ADE7878A´s on the same board and communication through I2C with…

  • Reading Low Ripple RMS register in ADE7878A.


    I'm working on ADE7878A. i'm facing a problem while reading Low Ripple RMS register. Whenever i read those low ripple registers, ADE7878A returns 0. 
    i'm well sure that communication between MCU and ADE7878A is fine because i have read other…

  • ADE7878A: use rogowski coil with signal frequency of 10Hz

    Good morning everybody.

    I need to use ADE7878A with Rogowski coil to measure a signal with frequency range from 10Hz to 25Hz. Anybody know if there could be some problems to measure signals with such frequency using the Rogowsoski coil and the ADE78…

  • RE: Can ADE7758 be used to measure phase difference in a 3-Phase supply?

    Hi hari.911,

    The ADE7758 is our previous generation of parts. I would recommend taking a look at our newer generation of parts, the ADE7878A, http://www.analog.com/ADE7878A  or the ADE9078, http://www.analog.com/ADE9078. These newer parts will have the…

  • 3-Phase Energy Meter Using ADE7878A

    Dear Analog Devices Technical Support:

    I am Aniruddh Marellapudi, a master's student at Georgia Tech. I am working on a networked 3-phase energy meter, and have selected the ADE7878A as the analog front end due to it's comprehensive set of energy metering…

  • RE: ADE7373A SPI questions

    Wrong part number, sorry.  Should be the ADE7878A.

    Thank you,

  • Use of programmable gain amplifiers in ADE7878A


    I'm using ADE7878A. I have a question regarding the use of programmable gain amplifiers integrated in that IC. 

    Suppose i develop a 3 - Phase Energy meter using that IC (ADE7878A)  and i connect 3 different load L1, L2 and  L3 to respective ADCs…