• RE: ADE7878 Neutral, Ground and 0Vdc Connection

    Hi dlath,

    I have a similar question but for the ADE7953, can I tied all ground, neutral and 0Vdc without use any filter?. I am using Current Transformer not shunt.


  • ADE7878 Interrupt on overcurrent

    Hey EngineerZone

    I am having trouble with the overcurrent interrupt function in the ADE7878

    the ADE does not give an interrupt on overcurrent, and i cant figure out why. I suspect that there is a problem in the initialization of the registers, but i have…

  • ADE7878 - Symptoms of crystal circuit issues

    What symptoms would be observed if the crystal in an ADE7878 circuit is not performing adequately. Would poor crystal performance affect SPI communication, proper initialization, measurement accuracy, etc?

  • ADE7878 - SPI communication reliability issues

    I have a custom PCB design that I use for data acquisition that includes an ADE7878 for monitoring three-phase power. The circuit design for the ADE7878 and its external components follow the test circuit in figure 23 of the data sheet. I have had two…

  • ADE7878 电能频率转换速率



    在功率累计时有这段描述(P50):“第一阶段是在DSP内完成的:每隔125 μs(频率为8 kHz),瞬时相位总或基波有功功率即会向一个内部寄存器中累加一次。到达阈值时,处理器端口处即会产生脉冲,并会从该内部寄存器中减去该阈值……”

    1. 手册中这个内部寄存器是多少位的

    2. 端口处产生脉冲的频率最高是多少,怎么确定或者计算的呢(这个关乎到问题3中的可计量单位时间内的LSB数量)

    3. 如果设置的阈值小于功率的话…

  • ADE7878 angle reading issue


    I have finished a program to read (and write) the registers of ADE7878.
    So far, so good, I have done calibration and I have all my measurements working fine, except for the angle.

    When I supply the IC with nominal phase and current, in phase (0°…

  • Ask a question about ADE7878


    When using ADE7878 for voltage and current aquisition,we met some problems.The input voltage is coupled to ADE7878 by PT,when its range changes from 0 to 220V in a very short time,we found that the data from HSDC is incorrect.Below is the schematics…

  • ADE7878

    I have problems with STATUS1 states.

    Have applied voltage to VA, VB, VC and very small current to IA, IB, IC. They are all from one phase ( don't have 3ph ).At this point don't care because of MISMTCH and SEQRERR.

    Have defined MMODE = 0x00, MASK1…

  • ADE7878 7880 ESD 防护等级


            我想确认一下ADE7878 7880这两款芯片的IO ESD防护参数,特别是IXP IXN VXP这几个引脚。在手册是没有找到,大家有具体信息吗,help......

  • The level of ESD protection in ADE7878

    Hi, Guys:

         I need to know the level of ESD protection in ADE7878 and ADE7880,but i can't find this parameters in the documents.Do you know those parameters?