• Question about ade7878 phase calibration


    I'm developing a 3 phase 4 wire instrumentation with the ade7878.

    I have a question about phase calibration during development.

    The question is, I know that when the COMPMODE ANGLESEL[1:0] bit is set to 01, the phase between voltages is stored…

  • How can i get fundamental active / reactive power from ade7878


    The ade7878's datasheet states that it uses fundamental active and reactive power.

    However, I don't know how to get fundamental active and reactive power's value.

    Is there any way to read the three-phase fundamenatal active and reactive…

  • ADE7878 Delta 線路配置 ( AN-639


    想使用 ADE7878 ,  AC输入电源为DELTA的配置 .    (之前使用AD7953  WYE 的电源输入   VAP 接 L1  ,    VBP 接 L2, VCP 接 L3 ,  VN接 中性线   , 可以量测 L1 , L2,L3 的电压 )

    1. 依照下图 Phase B 当作共地 ,  这样不就量不到 PHASE B的电压 ?


  • ADE7878 AC Input is Delta ( How to Measure phase B Voltage ? )

    I Want to use ADE7878, AC input power supply is DELTA configuration. (Before using AD7953 WYE power supply input VAP to L1, VBP to L2, VCP to L3, VN to neutral, you can measure the voltage of L1, L2, L3)
    1. Use Phase B as a common ground according…
  • ADE7880 vs. ADE7878 calibration


    I had a project which uses 7878, and a calibration software was already there.

    Now the metering chip is replaced with 7880, can the same calibration software be applied?

    Or can any minimum change of that calibration software?


  • RE: Geber files for EVAL-ADE7878

    the layout is not optimum for EMC check the data sheet for layout recommendations 

  • ADE7878 calibration

    We are currently developing a series of energy monitoring units with either CT or Rogowski Coil (RC)current sensing. It is for 3 phase 4 wire grid systems, based on ADE7878. As the units are delivered without matched CT / RC current sensors, we need…

  • Current transducer requirement for ADE7878?

    Hi Team,

    We are working on a three phase power monitoring project. we selected ADE7878 for the power monitoring,

    Can please suggest the current transducer for our requirement.  

    Specification, 3-ph 4 WIRE 415V AC 50hz, 16A Each Phase.

    Please suggest the…

  • Accumulating energy in all 4 Quadrants using ADE7878


    We are working on a new energy meter project for commercial and industrial use, which requires the measurement and recording of both positive and negative (Import and Export) value of Active, Reactive and Apparent power.

    To achieve this, every…

  • About single ended input to ADE7878


    I am designing energy meter by using ADE7878. ADE7878 works well in my previous design with differential inputs to IAP, IAN,IBP and IBN, and ICP and ICN.

    But in my new design, I have to use single ended input to ADE7878.

    My questions are:

    1. Can…