• About single ended input to ADE7878


    I am designing energy meter by using ADE7878. ADE7878 works well in my previous design with differential inputs to IAP, IAN,IBP and IBN, and ICP and ICN.

    But in my new design, I have to use single ended input to ADE7878.

    My questions are:

    1. Can…

  • RE: problem to configure ADE7878

    HI Hmani , Adil

              i have been working on SPI communication between ADE7878 and Ember Em357 .When I am sending data from Ember to ADE7878, I am getting garbage value as Adil faced.I suspect that there is some problem in configuring the ade7878 .Please…

  • RE: ADE 7878

    Hi ssikder00

    The evaluation software window that you have shared represents that of ADE7878A software. Can you please confirm if you are downloading the correct software and drivers for ADE7878? ADE7878A is very similar to ADE7878, but they have different…

  • RE: ADE7878

    so ,if I don`t connect phase B to ade7878,make it connect to GND.and the ADE7878 Vb and Vn pin should also connect to GND?

  • Geber files for EVAL-ADE7878

    Hello. I want to make the energy meter with ADE7878 IC. Where can I get gerber files for EVAL-ADE7878 board? Not pdf.

  • ADE7878

    I have problems with STATUS1 states.

    Have applied voltage to VA, VB, VC and very small current to IA, IB, IC. They are all from one phase ( don't have 3ph ).At this point don't care because of MISMTCH and SEQRERR.

    Have defined MMODE = 0x00, MASK1…

  • ADE7878

    This IC not working. I would check crystal oscillator is not working. But clkin and clkout get 1.41V.

  • ADE7878

    Dear Engineers, ADE7878 ic crystal oscillator not working. But clkin & clkout pin also get 1.41V. If any reason kindly post

  • ADE7878

    I am using ADE7878 for Energy meter purpose. I have started communication b/w ADE7878 & my micro controller. When i read Voltage RMS registers, values are reading from the registers when i apply voltage to the corresponding ADC pins of ADE7878. But the…

  • ADE7878

    Dear All,

    Can any one provide the information about the ADE7878. That is, Can we use ADE7878 with the 400Hz frequency system or Any external circuits need to build up to use with 400Hz system?

    What is meant by Mean Absolute Value?

    Expecting the reply…