• ADE7880 vs. ADE7878 calibration


    I had a project which uses 7878, and a calibration software was already there.

    Now the metering chip is replaced with 7880, can the same calibration software be applied?

    Or can any minimum change of that calibration software?


  • ADE7878

    Dear All,

    Can any one provide the information about the ADE7878. That is, Can we use ADE7878 with the 400Hz frequency system or Any external circuits need to build up to use with 400Hz system?

    What is meant by Mean Absolute Value?

    Expecting the reply…

  • ADE7878

    I am using ADE7878 for Energy meter purpose. I have started communication b/w ADE7878 & my micro controller. When i read Voltage RMS registers, values are reading from the registers when i apply voltage to the corresponding ADC pins of ADE7878. But the…

  • ADE7878

    Dear Engineers, ADE7878 ic crystal oscillator not working. But clkin & clkout pin also get 1.41V. If any reason kindly post

  • ADE7878

    I use the ADE7878 3 wire 3 phase to get the voltage and current values,the communication way is spi mode,I can get the ic's id by reading the register 0xe7fe ,the id is 0xe0,but can't get the three phase voltage values.the CVRMS  always keep the…

  • ADE7878 calibration

    We are currently developing a series of energy monitoring units with either CT or Rogowski Coil (RC)current sensing. It is for 3 phase 4 wire grid systems, based on ADE7878. As the units are delivered without matched CT / RC current sensors, we need…

  • ADE7878 alternate

    Hey guys. I need to replace one IC that has been used in one of the projects. The IC is ADE7878 Energy metering IC that can be used to supply 3 phase active power to the controller for processing.

    However, I am looking for its alternate, and I find in…

  • ADE7878配置

    ADE7878电能芯片配置为电表模式,公式WTHR = PMAX * f(s)*3600*10^n/V(fs)/I(fs)中的V(fs)和I(fs)等于多少呢。通过移植示例代码,读出来的电流电压值不准确

  • ADE7878 - AVDD issues


    I powered up ADE7878 and tried to observe voltage level at AVDD, but i am not getting any value. DVDD is giving the expected value of 2.5V and internal reference is 1.20 V . I have decoupled these pins according to the values suggested in the datasheet…

  • ade7878 spi problem

    i am trying to interface an external controller pic24 to the ade7878 development board , i set the spi to 1 MHz clock which is lower than 2.5 Mhz. Idle clock state as high. data toggles at falling edge and samples at rising edge -- everything as per data…